5 Ways Liberals Are Failing Miserably Against Trump

It’s an amazing contradiction that liberals still have enough power to obstruct key parts of the Trump agenda like the border wall, and still can’t get out of their own way. That would indicate that their grasp on the swamp is weakening and that they are closer than ever to losing their power. President Trump has them so out of sorts that they just can’t get their act together.
Like Ben Shapiro recently asked in a column, Are Democrats Blowing it? Even with the constant barrage of fake news weighing down the president’s approval rating, they still can’t break through. In other words, liberals are such basket cases that they can’t finish the job, even though the media is on their side. We want to celebrate their epic failures by showing you the times when liberals made unforced errors that hurt their cause, and number 2 stands out most of all.


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