Trump Slams Comey, Calls Him Scum

During President Trump’s impromptu interview on Friday morning, he took the opportunity to let his displeasure for James Comey calling the disgraced former FBI director ‘scum.’

According to The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump ripped former FBI director James Comey after the release of a Department of Justice inspector general (IG) report on his conduct during the Clinton email investigation.

Trump praised the rank and file agents within the FBI, saying that if you were to take a poll, they likely supported him. He also noted that the only people who didn’t support him are “the scum on top, not Comey and that group of people that are total thieves.”

Trump continued with harsh words for Comey, saying he would not say whether he believed the former FBI director should be imprisoned but thought it should be looked at. The president also poked fun at the former FBI director for using a private email to conduct official business as revealed within the report.

The report broadly criticized Comey’s conduct during the investigation finding that he repeatedly broke Department protocol and improperly handled matters of national importance.

Comey is looking at the IG report as something not that serious. President Trump disagrees and took the opportunity Friday morning to let the country know.


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