4.) February 6, 2018

“AP’s Eric Tucker, Mary Clare Jalonick and Chad Day reported that ex-British spy Christopher Steele’s opposition research against Trump was initially funded by a conservative publication: the Washington Free Beacon. AP corrected its story because Steele only came on the project after Democrats began funding it.”
It can’t be a partisan attack if Republicans were behind it, right? Christopher Steele’s involvement with Fusion GPS, funded by Hillary Clinton’s DNC, make it an undeniable partisan attack, regardless of which Republican was once interested in beating Trump in the primary. By calling attention to the Steele Dossier, they raised its profile, and when the Nunes Memo exposed that the dossier was used as evidence to spy on the Trump campaign, the president had that much of an easier time explaining how Spygate was “worse than Watergate”, the mother of all modern political scandals. Now the FBI has a historic lack of confidence in polls, so that didn’t work either.



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