Calls For Crooked Hillary To Face Justice Intensify

Hillary Clinton was caught laundering money through her campaign. Using Democratic state parties she moved money from her victory fund to her campaign and in doing so broke the law.

As Dan Backer writes in The Federalist:

In 2016, the Democratic presidential candidate may have presided over the largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history. A lawsuit based on federal records alleges the Clinton machine laundered $84 million in excessive six-figure contributions through the Hillary Victory Fund, to dozens of Democratic state parties, on to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and ultimately to Clinton’s campaign.

On Friday, the FEC made its first court filing. Tellingly, the agency didn’t challenge the committee’s legal arguments, or claim to be engaged in a diligent inquiry. Instead, the FEC filed a procedural “motion to dismiss,” arguing the law should be ignored so they can prevent outside groups from filing lawsuits to shield complicit Democrats. Democratic FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub called for just such a suit when it involved a Republican.

Don’t expect the pro-Clinton mainstream media to give this the coverage and investigative reporting it deserves, or call for the same accountability they have when liberal groups target Republicans. After all, the overwhelming majority of the scandal’s news coverage has come from Fox News and other conservative outlets, and from in-state newspapers tracing the money trail through local Democratic operations. The New York Times remains silent, refusing to cover the story. So do CNN and MSNBC. Where is their outrage?

Democrats and their media allies should hold their own accountable, like they would any Republican. If I’m wrong, then I urge Democrats to present evidence to the contrary, starting with their reply to December’s FEC complaint, which they have refused to make public. National media also needs to drop the double standard and cover the story.

The liberal machine is doing everything it can to protect Hillary and keep her from trouble like they have for years. This scheme is outrageous and anyone involved in such a crime should be held accountable.


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