Playboy Reporter Makes SHOCKING Allegations Against Hannity

Just like his employer’s centerfold, Brian Kasem let it all hang out when opened up on Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The Washington Examiner reports: 

White House Playboy reporter Brian Karem said Friday that Fox News host Sean Hannity doesn’t have the journalistic ability to work at a community newspaper, after Hannity blamed Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., for inciting Thursday’s shooting at Maryland newspaper. “Sean Hannity doesn’t have the ability to work at a community newspaper. He doesn’t have the talent for it, he doesn’t have the temerity for it,” Karem told CNN. “His display on television shows you exactly what he’s made of.”

“[Hannity] couldn’t make it in a community journalism newsroom,” said Karem, who knew four of the five people killed in Thursday’s shooting. “So he can kiss my big fat ‘ask me no more questions I’ll tell you know more lies.’”

Hannity responded Thursday night to the shooting at the local Annapolis newspaper the Capital Gazette where five people were killed, claiming that Waters and former President Barack Obama promoted this type of violent behavior by calling for people to confront those they disagree with.

Of course, the Playboy reporter also works for the Fake News Network, known as CNN. Clearly, standards are a thing of the past at CNN because they have no problem letting their people pop off in the midst of a mass shooting in Maryland, and slime other people who they disagree with, who had nothing to do with the incident. Then again, we’d be testy too if we wrote for a magazine where reading the articles is a joke.

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