Trump Proven Right, Germany Dependent On Russia

President Trump was questioned when he claimed Germany is beholden to Russia. But it turns out he was right, and the deal looks pretty shady. Germany’s former chancellor is a big-time lobbyist for Russian energy, and Germany’s dependence on them is enriching him.

According to The Daily Mail:

Donald Trump’s claim that Germany imports 70 per cent of its gas from Russia at a fiery Nato summit today is correct – and the country will soon receive even more.  

The EU’s statistics agency, Eurostat, says that Russia is responsible for up to 75% of Germany’s total gas imports.

Donald Trump also questioned the role of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder who is now working for Gazprom.

The former politician is rumoured to have been paid millions by Gazprom and is set to pocket even more with the announcement of the second phase of the Nord Stream project.

Germany’s dependence on Russia is reported to be increasing in the near future, and that creates major security concerns for Europe.


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