Pro-Trump Supporters Attacked In UK

It isn’t just in the US that Trump supporters face backlash, it happens abroad too. Trump protestors apparently attacks pro-Trump supporters during his visit to the UK.

According to Fox News:

LONDON –  A small enclave of pro-Trump supporters were hit by waves of verbal abuse, and even a few moments of violence, on Friday as they made their stand for the visiting U.S. president amid widespread protests in London. 

The group of about two-dozen Trump supporters camped out outside The Silver Cross pub and were quickly surrounded by anti-Trump protesters and a circle of police who tried to keep the peace.

The supporters chugged beer and sang pro-Trump football chants, waved U.K. and U.S. flags and threw back counter-slogans at the glowering protesters who accused them of being fascists and Nazis.

“Nazi scum, off our streets,” the anti-Trump crowd yelled, countered by chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

This is just another example of the left not having solid foundations for a debate. They instead have to resort to violence.

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