Trump Hilariously Shuts Down CNN Reporter

In a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, President Trump shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta. While taking questions from the press Acosta shouted a question at President Trump, to which Trump responded he doesn’t take questions from CNN.

According to The Hill:

President Trump on Friday at an international press conference lashed out at CNN, declaring that he would not take questions from the network.

CNN correspondent Jim Acosta attempted to interject with a question during a press conference with Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May. 

“Since you attacked CNN can I ask you a question?” Acosta said, referencing an earlier barb from Trump. 

“CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN,” Trump responded.

Jim Acosta will surely whine about this interaction, but you can’t blame Trump considering how unfairly he has been treated by the network


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