CNN’s Whiny Reporter Skewered

In a recent video upload conservative commentator Brittany Huges skewers Jim Acosta and gives him a literal reality check.

According to The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, MRCTV uploaded the latest installment of “Reality Check” with Brittany Hughes, and the topic of this video was CNN’s Jim Acosta and media hypocrisy.

CNN’s Jim Acosta just cannot figure out why half the country can’t stand the media. Maybe it’s because they’ve spent the better part of three years calling all Trump voters nazi racists who hate black people and want all the immigrants to die.

After her introduction, Hughes continued to slam Acosta:

Jim Acosta over at CNN is clutching his pearls, trying desperately to figure out why half of America absolutely hates his guts. Why? Well, because some people at a rally hurt his itty bitty baby feelings the other day and he tweeted about it.

She went on to highlight the many instances of the liberal media attacking Trump supporters and automatically characterizing them based solely on how they voted.

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