Rocker Attacks Trump Supporter

A punk rocker reportedly attacked a Trump supporter at one of his concerts for being a Trump supporter. The rocker went into an anti-Trump rant that one fan disagreed with. After expressing his displeasure with the rocker, the rocker allegedly jumped off stage and attacked him.

According to The Daily Wire:

A fan of the once-big band Social Distortion went to a recent show in Sacramento and says that the lead singer attacked and brutally beat him because he was a supporter of President Trump.

He said he told Ness, “I pretty much said I paid for your music, not your politics.” Then Ness “takes his guitar off, jumps off the stage and proceeds to punch me multiple times in the head,” Hildebrand said.

Afterward, the lifelong Social Distortion fan says he was dragged out of the venue, but has filed a police report and plans to press charges. “Someone that has the status that he does shouldn’t get away with assaulting someone.”

Hildebrand says he was badly injured in the attack, suffering two black eyes, a split lip, a concussion, and some loose teeth. And he says other fans of the band took part, too.

This isn’t the first time someone has been attacked for publically supporting the president, but it seems like these incidents have become way too common.


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