10.) The Murder Of Molly Tibbetts

Lawyer of Illegal Immigrant Cristhian Rivera, who is accused of murdering Mollie Tibbetts, is claiming his client is an “All-American Boy” and that the president is damaging his case by stating otherwise.
You have undoubtedly followed the horrific tragedy of Mollie Tibbetts from Iowa over the past month and have learned she was unfortunately found dead. The fact that only our president and a select few want to acknowledge is that her suspected murderer is an illegal immigrant. This girl was missing for over a month and the whole nation had come together to find her, thanks to a private security camera authorities were able to find a video of her running away from a car a car they later found to be connected with the illegal immigrant. Mollie certainly isn’t the first victim and she will not be the last, but we can try to prevent them by increasing our border security. Who will be the next victim?

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