Trump Scores Big Victory Over Iran

President Trump took a tough stance against the Iranian regime and faced pushback from Europe. However, it was recently announced that Trump scored a major victory with Germany concerning Iran.

According to The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, in another victory for the Trump Administration, the German company Krempel, whose material was utilized in Iranian rockets that forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad used to gas 21 adults and children, announced it would not deliver material to the Iranian government any more.

As The Jerusalem Post notes, U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell has been instrumental in convincing German companies to follow Trump’s lead and separate from Iran. He stated, “Corporations realize that doing business with Iran means funding the IRGC’s terror strategy.”

Krempel spokesman Rainer Westermann said, “Since several months ago, Krempel no longer delivers goods to Iran.” Krempel makes electronic press boards used in the motors of rockets.

The announcement was a switch, as Krempel told The Jerusalem Post last April that it did not intend to terminate doing business with Iran.

This announcement comes after Trump scored a victory by having German bank terminate a cash delivery to Iran.

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