Pelosi’s Incredible Cost to Taxpayers Revealed

Nancy Pelosi’s latest trip was canceled to much fanfare. However, this was not the first time she traveled abroad on government business. Her last trip cost the Air Force nearly $200,000 to fly her family around the world.

According to The Daily Wire:

A series of documents obtained by Judicial Watch show precisely how much money Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has spent on previous jaunts abroad, similar to the one she was prevented from going on by a White House order last week — and it isn’t pretty.

The Daily Caller reports that Pelosi’s CoDel trip, that was canceled at the last minute by President Donald Trump in response to the the Speaker of the House accusing the White House of abusing scarce resources by holding the State of the Union address in the midst of a government shutdown, was hardly her first trip abroad on the American dime.

A Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act request seeking information about Pelosi’s previous CoDel trips turned up a jaunt Pelosi took in 2015 to Italy and the Ukraine aboard Air Force planes. The total cost of the trip: $184,587.81.

The Washington Post reported on the trip at the time, seeking information specifically as to why Pelosi made a stopover in Italy part of the Congressional delegation’s visit to the Ukraine which, at the time, was in the midst of a national crisis. Pelosi’s trip took place in August, just a few short months after the Crimean crisis, just as the country was recovering from riots, a major revolution, and a standoff with Russian forces.

Pelosi is estimated to have cost taxpayers an incredible amount of money compared to her colleagues in Congress. Judicial Watch estimates that Pelosi could have cost taxpayers $2.1 million over two years. 

The previous trip to Europe was to assure that the U.S. was committed to security in the region. This was revealed in a piece by Politico that questioned the need for a trip to Europe.

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