Trump Cites Countries Where Walls Work

President Trump is using countries where walls are used and work as evidence while continuing the fight for a barrier along the United State’s southern border.

According to Fox News:

As President Trump seeks to fulfill his promise to build a wall on the southern border, he is getting support from leaders in countries that have erected their own border barriers — and who hail those projects as critical to battling illegal immigration.

Trump, too, has cited countries like Israel — which has a network of walls and fences on its borders — as proof that barriers work as he seeks to convince Congress to fund a wall or steel barrier to the tune of $5.7 billion.

Democrats in Congress have refused to entertain his proposal, calling a wall both “immoral” and ineffective, and only agreeing to $1.3 billion in more general border security funding. That led to a month-long shutdown, which temporarily ended last week. Funding is set to expire again on Feb. 15, and Trump has warned that he is prepared to declare a national emergency if no wall funding is agreed to.

The president said Friday there’s a good chance he’ll take that step, while saying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “hurting this country so badly” with her stance on the wall.

Pelosi continues to argue against border barriers while evidence continues to surface that they work and are a key part in protecting a country’s border.


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