MSNBC’s Maddow Accused of Deceiving Viewers on Trump Controversy

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is being called out for her coverage of a scandal involving Donald Trump Jr. Specifically at issue is the way new details have been presented by the host.

According to Fox News:

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was called out by a media watchdog group for deceiving viewers when she failed to mention details of reports seemingly clearing Donald Trump Jr.of suspicions that he made phone calls to President Trump around the time of the Trump Tower meeting with Russians in June 2016.

New details emerged showing that the calls were not made to President Trump.

“But not hot enough for details on Rachel Maddow’s show,” Howe wrote before pointing out that Adam Schiff, D-Calif.,was actually a guest on her show last Thursday after the news broke.

“This is not MSNBC reporting and MSNBC hasn’t confirmed this, but they’re saying Senate investigators have obtained information about something that you have asked about in the past concerning Donald Trump Jr.,” Maddow told Schiff without informing her viewers that reports essentially squashed her theory.

“In his rambling response, Schiff not only didn’t indicate the reporting that it was not a father-son phone call, he implied that the open question remains to be investigated,” Howe wrote. “At no point does Maddow tell viewers what the ‘new reporting’ actually was. Maddow says ‘this is not MSNBC’s reporting,’ but she doesn’t [say] whose reporting it is. For the record, it was CNN. And ABC News. And the New York Times.”

The writer did not that speculation is common but considering the amount of attention the host paid to the scandal it would have been courteous to note that the scandal had been proven false. 

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