Trump Eyeing Creative Way to Fund the Wall

According to reports, President Trump is looking at creative ways to build a southern border wall through executive order. The executive order funding will supplement the money given to the border by Congress in the latest compromise.

According to The Daily Caller:

The White House is considering signing off on some form of a tentative Congressional deal reached Monday evening and tapping existing U.S. government funds available by executive order, two sources close to the process tell The Daily Caller.

Congressional negotiators announced an agreement to avoid another government shutdown. The deal includes $1.375 billion in funding for a barrier along the U.S. southern border and funding for approximately 40,000 beds for ICE detention beds. Democrats notably dropped their demand in the agreement to limit the number of beds ICE is able to use for criminal illegal alien enforcement, removing the main poison pill for The White House in the deal. 

Administration officials are not overall satisfied with the agreement, however, and even remain wholly unclear on what is in it. Two sources close to the process said some back and forth over the contours of the deal with Congress is still possible, but said they’re optimistic about a path forward before funding for the government ends Feb 15.

These sources told the Caller that Trump may sign off on pretty much any agreement because plans are in the works to tap into existing funds with executive orders.

The White House has said that they will take what Congress is willing to give them and then find the funding for the rest of the wall in other places. By signing the compromise bill the government will not be shut down, something Trump may want to avoid.

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