3.) Pay Equity & The Living Wage

Bernie “We need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, provide pay equity for women”

Bernie Sanders claimed that we need to raise the minimum wage, this plan would hurt small business across the country. The minimum wage has been found to have almost no effect on big business and massive corporations but has resulted in many lost hours for employees and many jobs lost in small business. Considering that small business makes up 64% of private sector jobs this would do a lot of damage to American workers. In an attempt to hurt those with lower incomes Bernie might be hurting them.

In the same statement, Bernie also said we need to provide pay equity for women. He is not referencing the “79 cents for every dollar a man makes” in the same way that many liberals cite it. When most people refer to the wage gap they are using a misleading statistic that doesn’t account for hours worked or life choices, it is an apple to oranges comparison. Bernie is stating here that women need to be paid the same as men regardless of these external factors. This is the difference between equality and equity.

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