Fox News Analyst Slams Media’s Hypocrisy on Barr and Avenatti

Fox News Analyst Brit Hume is calling out the media’s hypocrisy over its coverage of Attorney General Bill Barr and celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti.

According to The Daily Caller:

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume met with mixed reviews when he compared the liberal media’s response to Attorney General William Barr and embattled defense attorney Michael Avenatti on Tuesday.

“When you hear people criticizing Attorney General Barr, check and see how they reacted to Michael Avenatti,” Hume tweeted. “That will give you an idea how seriously to take them as judges of lawyers and the law.” 


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes responded with a joke, saying, “For the record, I thought Avenatti was a terrible Attorney General and said so at the time.”

Hume fired right back, pointing out the fact that he had not been talking about a direct comparison between the two men but a comparison that addressed “the reactions to them.”


The left tried to make the comparison that Attorney General Bill Barr is held to a higher standard than Avenatti but Hume again pointed out that the left made him the most celebrated private attorney in the country for around a year. A big miss on their part.


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