DOJ Calls Out Dems for Refusing to Read Less Redacted Report

The DOJ recently called out the complaining Dems in Congress for not reading a less redacted version of the Mueller report despite being given the opportunity to do so.

According to Fox News:

Justice Department officials chided congressional Democrats this week for ignoring a less-redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report made available to them, even as they pursue a subpoena for the full document and accuse the department of stonewalling.

“The Attorney General also voluntarily released the Special Counsel’s confidential report with minimal redactions to Congress and the public, made an even-less redacted report available to Chairman Nadler and congressional leadership (which they have refused to review), and made himself available to the Committee by volunteering to testify this week,” spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said.

Democrats had objected to Barr’s decision to transmit the report to Congress with redactions, and Nadler has subpoenaed the full report along with underlying materials. But Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, in the letter to Nadler on Wednesday, said the less-redacted version already available to key members “would permit review of 98.5 percent of the report, including 99.9 percent of Volume II, which discusses the investigation of the President’s actions.”

“Regrettably, before even reviewing the less-redacted version or awaiting the Attorney General’s testimony, you served a subpoena …” he wrote. “You served such a subpoena knowing that the Department could not lawfully provide the unredacted report, that the Committee lacks any legitimate legislative purpose for seeking the complete investigative files, and that processing your requests would impose a significant burden on the Department.”

The GOP members who have viewed the less-redacted version say that it does not change the overall conclusions to be drawn from it.

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