Key Stat About Mueller Report Being Hidden

As the Democrats continue to play politics with Attorney General Barr and the Mueller report a key statistic about the Mueller report is seemingly being hidden.

According to The Daily Caller:

The version of the Mueller report provided to select members of Congress is almost entirely unredacted, according to the Justice Department, and the portions that are redacted are confidential by law.

Only 1.5% of the version of the Mueller report made available to Nadler and other congressional leaders is redacted, the DOJ said in the letter. Those portions are redacted only for grand jury information, which is prohibited from release by law.

House Democrats voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress on Wednesday over his refusal to release the entire report, as well as underlying materials. Nadler says they need the information in order to fully understand Mueller’s findings on whether Trump obstructed justice. But according to the DOJ letter, just .01% of the redacted portions of the report already available to Congress are in the portion on obstruction of justice. 

The DOJ reiterated the fact that revealing the remaining redacted parts of the report would be illegal, in a Wednesday letter to Nadler that informed him that Trump will assert executive privilege over the information. “As we have repeatedly explained, the Attorney General could not comply with your subpoena in its current form without violating the law, court rules, and court orders, and without threatening the independence of the Department of Justice’s prosecutorial functions,” the letter said.

The DOJ made this clear to Jerry Nadler, a longtime Trump foe, but he chose to ignore this and plainly refuse to even look at that provided report. 

The White House has announced that no Democrat in Congress has taken the opportunity to see the minimally redacted and legally compliant Mueller report. One thing to note is the law being followed was signed by President Clinton. A Democrat.

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