FLASHBACK: Biden Once Shared Trump Immigration Stance

Highlighted on Fox News recently was Joe Biden’s previous stance on immigration. The presidential candidate agreed with Trump on sanctuary cities.

According to Fox News:

In a previous bid for the presidency, then-Sen. Joe Biden’s stance on illegal immigration sounded a lot like President Trump’s current views, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” noted Tuesday.

Steve Doocy flagged a clip from a September 2007 presidential debate, when then-candidate Biden was asked if he would allow cities to ignore federal law.

Biden answered that so-called sanctuary cities ignore federal immigration law because they lack the funding to carry out enforcement.

“Part of the problem is you have to have a federal government that can enforce laws,” he said, calling out the George W. Bush administration for being “fundamentally derelict” in providing the necessary funding.

Biden also answered succinctly when asked whether he would allow cities to ignore federal law. He answered with a resounding no.

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