Trump Announces Chief Economic Advisor to Depart Shortly

President Trump announced the departure of chief economic advisor Kevin Hassett on Sunday via Twitter. Hassett will become the 43rd high profile White House official to leave their position since the President began his term in January of 2017.

He wrote yesterday: ‘Kevin Hassett, who has done such a great job for me and the Administration, will be leaving shortly. His very talented replacement will be named as soon as I get back to the U.S.’


Trump thanked Hassett for his work, and called him a ‘true friend’ in the post on Sunday.

Hassett was appointed to in the Senate-confirmed role in September 2017 and said he was not forced, adding it is normal for chairmen of the CEA to only serve two years before stepping down.

He told CNN: ‘That turnover is really healthy for the CEA because it is meant to be an independent advisory body.

President Trump didn’t give a reason for Hassett’s departure and it is not clear who will replace him.

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