Top Trump Super PACs Join Forces to Mobilize Voters

In more good news for the President, two top Pro-Trump Super PACs are joining forces to mobilize voters in key battleground states ahead of the 2020 election. And with Democrats increasingly playing dirty, it couldn’t have come at a better time. As The Hill reports:

“Since Inauguration Day, President Trump has worked diligently to make America great again. We are proud to support his efforts by registering hundreds of thousands of Trump voters for the 2020 election and getting them out to vote for his ‘America First’ agenda,” said Ed Rollins, the chairman of the Great America PAC. “Together, our two groups are uniquely positioned to continue the programs that helped elect President Trump and will re-elect him in 2020.”

The $1 million initial investment will go toward national and local television ads, with a focus on the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. A second wave is planned for Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Depending on the state, the television ads will include a response mechanism with information for viewers on how and where to register. The groups will send out more than 1 million emails or text messages on Wednesday, and bus tours of battleground states are being planned for down the road.

In 2016, Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate in decades to win Michigan and Pennsylvania, and both will be heated battleground states in 2020.

With the help of organizations like The Great America PAC and The Committee to Defend the President, the odds are good that Trump will be able to keep America great in 2020. The only real question that remains is: are you registered to vote?

CLICK HERE to see if you are Registered to Vote for Trump in 2020

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