Voter Registration Seen as key to a Trump 2020 Victory

A new op-ed in Fox News by Ted Harvey, the chairman of the Committee to Defend the President, illustrates the key to a Trump victory in 2020. 

Harvey points out that voter registration and getting the silent majority to the polls will help secure a second term for the president.

According to Harvey:

As an incumbent presiding over a booming economy, President Trump still has the advantage, but this is no time to rest on one’s laurels. Recent surveys reveal Democrats polling strongly in battleground states like Michigan, which the president must win again to retain control of the White House.

The key to a Trump win is simple: Voter registration.

Getting that silent majority out to the polls is the secret weapon for President Trump and his allies. And, to that end, there are promising signs: The president’s approval rating hovers around 90 percent among Republicans. Most Americans are satisfied with the U.S. economy and don’t see a recession coming anytime soon. More specifically, Americans are satisfied with President Trump’s handling of the economy, with nearly 60 percent calling it a “good job.” In fact, over twice as many Americans credit President Trump for our economic prosperity compared to those who credit President Obama.

Likewise, Republicans must go after unregistered voters who support President Trump’s “America First” agenda. Rest assured, there are millions of them. In any given election cycle, one-fifth of America’s voting-eligible population is not registered to vote. Over 60 percent of those Americans are never even asked to register, presenting an opportunity for the Republican Party to state its case.

The Committee to Defend the President is partnering with Great America PAC to identify the unregistered voters who support President Trump and get them registered and to the polls in 2020.

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