Waitress Arrested for Spitting in Eric Trump’s Face

Liberals are still having trouble coming to terms with Donald Trump’s victory. This difficulty seems to lead many of them to lash out physically.

The latest victim is Eric Trump, the president’s son, who was spat on by a cocktail waitress at an upscale cocktail bar in Chicago.

According to The Daily Mail:

The waitress who was arrested for spitting on Eric Trump has been pictured for the first time in an exclusive DailyMailTV photo.

The unnamed woman reportedly screamed as she was led away from upmarket Chicago cocktail bar the Aviary Club after allegedly spitting on Donald Trump’s son.

The woman was immediately handcuffed and detained by Secret Service agents and the Chicago police at around 8.30pm on Tuesday, June 25. 

The server, dressed all in black, was escorted out of the cocktail lounge in Chicago’s swanky Fulton Market area by two men in suits.

Eric Trump has decided to not press charges which led to the waitresses release around 2 hours after she was arrested.

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