Liz Cheney Drops Truth Bomb on Progressive Democrats

High ranking GOP Representative Liz Cheney is firing back at progressive Democrats who have been making racially charged accusations at the president and GOP members who voice their disagreement with their progressive policies.

According to The Daily Wire:

Republican House Conference Chair Liz Cheney rebuked the progressive Democrats who frequently proclaim that their political opposition is bred from racial animus rather than difference in ideas.

“Our opposition to our socialist colleagues has absolutely nothing to do with their gender, with their religion or with their race – it has to do with the content of their policies,” Cheney said during the weekly GOP leadership press conference on Tuesday.

“They’re wrong when they attempt to impose the fraud of socialism on the American people,” she continued. “They’re wrong when they pursue policies that would steal power from the American people and give that power to the government.”

“They’re wrong when they rush to blame America first, when they fail to recognize that this is the greatest nation that has ever existed, the exceptional nation,” Cheney said. “They’re wrong when they fail to recognize that no people have ever lived in greater freedom, and then they go on and fail to provide the resources are men and women in uniform need to defend that freedom.”

Cheney did not name anyone specifically but her comments came only hours after the press conference held by progressive Democrats New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Massachusetts Rep. Aryanna Pressley.

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