Nancy Pelosi Tells Jerry Nadler to Calm Down on Impeachment Push

Jerry Nadler is no fan of President Trump and has been on an impeachment push since he took office.

Nadler thought getting Mueller to testify to congress would provide him with the smoking gun he was looking for.

He was obviously wrong, and now Nancy Pelosi is telling him to calm down.

According to The Daily Caller:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly cooled impeachment fires Wednesday and is not prepared to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump — at this time.

Pelosi shot down efforts by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler to move immediately on impeachment against the president on Wednesday, according to a report published Thursday by Politico.

The discussion ensued during a caucus meeting that occurred after former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of two House committees that was widely criticized as erratic, unfocused and unprepared.

Despite the disappointment that Mueller’s performance brought to the Democratic push to remove Trump, New York Rep. Nadler was still anxious to begin drafting articles of impeachment and said House committee chairs could immediately begin doing so, according to four Politico sources. 

Nadler was ready for Pelosi’s rebuke and argued against it. Saying his committee was willing to move forward on articles of impeachment despite Pelosi’s objections.

Pelosi responded by staying strong, stating the Democrats need to wait, continue to investigate, and reminding Jerry Nadler that the Republican-controlled Senate would stop it and cause the Democrats to lose in 2020.


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