GOP Group Targets Vice President Pence With New Ad

An anti-Trump GOP group has released a new ad targeting Vice President Mike Pence for contributing to President Trump’s conflicts of interest.

According to The Hill:

The new ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law cuts together remarks Pence made criticizing 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s alleged business conflicts to argue he is being hypocritical over Trump. 

“When it comes to Hillary Clinton, Vice President Pence believes, ‘it would be a conflict of interest to accept foreign and corporate donations to your foundation if you were president,’” the add says, using Pence’s own words. 

“When it comes to President Trump’s conflicts of interests, all Mike Pence has to say is ‘who cares,’” it continues. 

The ad takes note of foreign leaders staying at hotels owned by Trump, among other issues, to suggest the president could be profiting off the presidency.


The ad will air on Thursday during the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC.

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