Schiff’s Bluff Called: Trump to Release Whitleblower Complaint

President Trump has called Adam Schiff’s bluff by planning to release the whistleblower complaint against him. Schiff still continues to call Trump a mafia boss and criminal while complaining that the release of the complaint is not enough.

All of this complaining after he begged the President to release the complaint.

According to Town Hall:

The White House plans to release a document showing the intelligence community’s inspector general found the whistleblower who lodged a complaint against President Donald Trump had a “political bias,” Fox News reported. The whistleblower allegedly is in favor of one of Trump’s “rival candidates,” although we don’t know which candidate that is.

The Trump administration also plans to release the whistleblower’s complaint to Congress as quickly as possible. 

The three lawyers for the whistleblower, Andrew Bakaj, I. Charles McCullough, III and Mark Zaid, praised the White House’s decision to release the whistleblower complaint Congress.

“We support the bipartisan, unanimous resolution passed by the Senate regarding our client’s lawful whistleblower complaint and call upon the acting director of national intelligence to transmit our complete disclosure to the two Intelligence Oversight Committees,” the lawyers said in a statement.

Schiff is now complaining about the release of the complaint.

According to Town Hall:

In this episode of “moving the goal post,” we have House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff complaining that the White House is actually honoring his request. Schiff demanded to see the full whistleblower complaint about President Trump and his conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The whistleblower, who admits he or she does not have firsthand knowledge of the claim, says Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine if they did not dig up some dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Trump denied the charge and said his phone call with Zelensky was “perfect,” as in nothing to see here. He is releasing the phone call transcript on Wednesday to prove it. We also learned that the DOJ plans to release the full complaint.

But, Schiff is not happy about the conditions. Trump is only complying because he’s coerced, Schiff noted on MSNBC.


“Part of it is you see this pattern over and over,” Schiff explained.

That pattern, Schiff elaborated, is that the White House first refuses their document requests. Then, the Democrats threaten to subpoena and get more information. Then they talk about the possibility of contempt and the White House provides more details. 

Schiff continues to claim that this transcript, complaint, and the actions of the President are wrong and deserve impeachment.


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