Fox Host Rivera Thinks Liberal Group is Behind Whistleblower Complaint

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera is not always on President Trump’s side. But the impeachment push by the Democrats has aligned Rivera with Trump.

He does not like it and he thinks he knows who is behind the whistleblower complaint.

According to Town Hall:

During Friday’s episode of “The Five” on Fox New, Geraldo Rivera made an interesting prediction: he believes a group like Media Matters is behind the whistleblower complaint that has lead to the House formally announcing an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. 

“Still, this is the Russia collusion illusion delusion 2.0,” Rivera said, referencing President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“With that said, and maybe there aren’t any high crimes and misdemeanors, because I haven’t seen any, but the Democrats don’t care. They’re still going to do the impeachment,” Jesse Watters said. “I bet they’re going to do it in the House and vote. It doesn’t matter if all the facts are on the president’s side. You can’t convince them.”

“I bet this can be traced, ultimately, and I’m not accusing, but a group like Media Matters, is in the air, with their dirty hands,” Rivera said.  

The panel also brought up a good point. Officials are named in the complaint as having concerns over Trump’s communications, however, none of them filed a complaint.


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