REPORT: Two Cabinet Members Would Have Backed Rosensteins us of 25th Amendment

A new book titled “Deep State” claims that the two cabinet officials who would have possibly backed Rod Rosenstein’s use of the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office were John Kelly and Jeff Sessions.

According to Fox News:

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein expected that former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions would back the use of the 25th Amendment against President Trump, but miscalculated and was eventually forced out, a new book claims.

James B. Stewart, the author of “Deep State,” appeared on MSNBC Monday to discuss the revelations, and said Rosenstein was fully serious about wearing a wire to entrap the president. He also felt he could count on cabinet members to forcibly remove Trump if that failed.

“[Rosenstein]… denied saying that he wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment. But there are also witnesses to that conversation, and he even named two cabinet-level people who were going to support that — namely John Kelly, the chief of staff, and [Jeff] Sessions, the attorney general.”

The 25th Amendment requires a majority vote of the cabinet before any action can be taken, but Rosenstein was said to have discussed the matter with other cabinet members and was confident they would turn on Trump.

The book does claim that the steps Rosenstein was taking to attempt the coup could have caused cabinet members to give him assurances that were not genuine.


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