Former Senator Harry Reid Warns Democrats About Trump

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has issued a warning to Democrats about President Trump.

According to Fox News:

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., issued a warning to Democrats ahead of the 2020 election: Do not underestimate President Trump.

In an interview with CNN’s “Axe Files,” Reid told host David Axelrod that he disagrees with anyone who believes Trump will be easy to beat, saying they “have another thing coming.”

“[Trump] is a man who has a stalwart 40 percent of people out there who will vote for him no matter what he does. As Donald Trump said, ‘I could shoot somebody in Times Square, they would still support me.’ That’s sad, but probably true. So No. 1, I repeat: He is not going to be beaten easily. He’s going to take a campaign of wisdom and patience, but he is beatable for sure,” said Reid, who retired in 2016.


“I don’t think he’s intellectually a powerhouse, but I think he’s basically a very, very smart man. No matter what the subject, any argument he involves himself in, it’s on his terms. You’re always arguing against him,” said Reid, adding that Democratic candidates cannot underestimate Trump going forward.

President Trump responded to the comments by Reid:

Reid went on to express his disappointment in Senate Democrats for not standing up to President Trump.

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