Democrat Representative Admits he Doesn’t Support Impeachment


House Democrats have been on an impeachment crusade for weeks now, but not all of them support it.

House Democrat Representative Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey has admitted publically that he does not support the impeachment of President Trump and will not vote for it.

According to Town Hall:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have moved forward with an impeachment resolution but not all House Democrats are on board.

Democratic Rep. Jeff Van Drew (N.J.) said Tuesday he hasn’t been supportive of impeachment efforts.

“I would imagine that I’m not voting for it,” Van Drew told a reporter from NBC News.


“Everybody says, ‘Be on the right side of history’ — I think the right side of history is not to impeach,” he recently told NBC News, noting that the best way to move forward is by letting voters decide in the 2020 election. “For God’s sake, it’s a year!” 

Van Drew pointed to the Senate being Republican-controlled which means they won’t remove and Trump will still be the candidate for president in 2020.


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