Jordan Destroys the Dems Impeachment Narrative With Four Facts

Republican Representative Jim Jordan has laid out four facts that completely destroy the Democrat’s weak narrative surrounding their impeachment crusade against President Trump.

According to The Daily Wire:

“There are four fundamental facts that have never changed, never changed,” Jordan told reporters following a closed-door congressional hearing. “Mr. Vindman is not the first one we have talked to who has been on the call — we have heard from President [Donald] Trump and [Ukrainian] President [Volodymyr] Zelensky. We have got the transcript.”

“Both President Trump and President Zelensky said no conditions, no pressure, no pushing, no quid pro quo [to receive foreign aid]. We’ve got the transcript that shows that,” Jordan said. “We know the Ukrainians did not know at the time of the call that aid had been withheld, and tell me what action President Zelensky or the Ukrainians took to get the aid turned back on.”

“Did he do a press conference? Did he issue a statement? Did he say he was going to investigate and do certain things?” he continued. “None of that happened.”

The Ohio congressman later summed up his argument in a tweet, laying out the aforementioned “four facts.”


Despite the leaking of information by the Democrats in an attempt to control the narrative and further their impeachment goals, these four facts have yet to change.

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