Trump’s Controversial Border Policies are Working

The media had a meltdown over the conditions at the southern border over the summer and were just as quick to condemn the policies enacted by Trump to fix the problem.

The proof is all in the results and the results show that President Trump’s policies worked.

According to Fox News:

DONNA, Texas — As the migrant crisis at the southern border hit its peak over the summer, media outlets were filled with stories of overcrowded detention centers, adults and children living in squalid conditions, and overworked and exhausted border agents.

Amid a series of sweeping actions from the Trump administration — including the expansion of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) that return migrants to Mexico to await their immigration hearings, increased cooperation with countries south of the border like Guatemala, and new border wall — apprehensions have declined dramatically by more than 70 percent since May.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Rodolfo Karisch told Fox News at the facility that the difference from the summer is dramatic. While agents had been apprehending 12,000 migrants per week in the sector at one point, now that rate is about 2,000 per week.

What has also helped agents, specifically in terms of supplies, is the $4.6 billion emergency funding supplemental for the border that was passed in June and provided humanitarian aid for dealing with the migrant crisis.

See the photos HERE.

Democrats continue to claim that President Trump’s policies are too harsh and are not working properly but the Trump administration has promised a balanced approach by being tough on immigration while also caring for the migrants that are in custody.


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