Trump’s Historic Oval Office Visit

For the first time, an American president has welcomed representatives of the isolated Amish community into the Oval Office.

The Amish visitors who met President Trump told the press they appreciated his Christian faith and devoted work ethic.

Per The Washington Times:

“He is a common man just like me and everybody else — very common, very friendly. He called us friends when we walked in there,” said Levi Miller, 56, an Amish farmer from Ohio. “It gets people excited that we have somebody in there who is not afraid to talk about Jesus Christ.”

Mr. Miller was among four Amish businessmen from Ohio who sat down for an exclusive interview with The Times following their Oval Office visit Friday, where they also met Vice President Mike Pence, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and other top White House officials.

The Amish men described themselves as strong supporters of Mr. Trump and each denounced the House Democrats’ impeachment of the president as a waste of taxpayer money.

“We read the newspaper and it is just ‘impeachment this’ and ‘impeachment that.’ It’s a lot of hogwash,” said Ben Hostetler, 51, a woodworker. “What they are blaming Trump for is what they did themselves.”

The Amish business leaders went on to praise the president for America’s economic revival.


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