Schumer’s Impeachment Guest Gets Booted From the Senate

Senator Chuck Schumer thought he would be clever and invite Lev Parnas the claimed associate of President Trump to the impeachment proceedings.

Parnas’s credibility has been in question in regards to the claims he has made against President Trump with many opining that it is likely due to him being criminally charged with fraud and angling for a sweetheart deal.

This criminality came back to bite both Schumer and Parnas when Parnas was kicked out of the Senate for wearing an ankle monitor as part of his bail conditions from his criminal indictment.

According to Town Hall:

Lev Parnas, who has been federally indicted for fraud, is being held up as a legitimate witness this week by Democrats on Capitol Hill desperately trying to impeach President Trump. Why? Because Parnas, who President Trump called a “groupie” and has been accused of buying his way into Trump world as a grifter, has suddenly changed his opinion. 

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has taken note and invited Parnas to be his guest in the Senate today. Electronics of any kind are banned from the chamber, which has created an issue. 


Chuck Schumer’s attempt to make a man who has been indicted for fraud his star witness has left many scratching their head and could be an indication of just how desperate the Democrats have become.


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