Defense Attorney Claims Prosecutorial Misconduct in Roger Stone Case

Attorney Marina Medvin decided to ask federal trial attorney Jesse Binnall for his thoughts on the Roger Stone case after four of the prosecutors withdrew from the case.

These prosecutors asked for a 9-year sentence for a first-time offense.

His answer centered around prosecutorial misconduct.

According to Medvin in Town Hall:

In your professional opinion, was anything unusual about the Roger Stone case? 

“Roger Stone wouldn’t ever have been a target of prosecution had he not been a Trump supporter. The President was absolutely right; the political underpinnings of this case are very disturbing. The events of the past few days show just how unusual this case really is.”

Can you explain what exactly was unusual in recent days, and why?

“These four prosecutors filed a brief making a sentencing recommendation without getting approval from the chain of command. That is extraordinarily unusual in the DOJ. In fact, I can say it’s unheard of at the DOJ; certainly, I’ve never heard of it. In practice, DOJ lawyers almost always get approval for everything they do.”

The attorney went on to say that the prosecutors likely did this on purpose and knew they would martyr themselves and have to resign as a result of the misconduct and insolence.


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