Former Acting DNI Grenell Slams Mattis and Calls Out the Swamp


Former Acting Director of National Intelligence and former Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell slammed James Mattis for his criticism of President Trump while also calling out the swamp and its hatred of Trump.

According to Fox News:

Grenell, who also spent two years as U.S. ambassador to Germany, characterized Trump as a great disruptor of this insular system.

“He’s breaking their system,” he said. “He doesn’t play by the rules.

Grenell specifically called out Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, by noting that Grenell had received his first intelligence briefing back in 2001, before Warner was elected to public office.

“He said that I wasn’t qualified,” Grennell said of Warner. “I actually am a receiver of intelligence, and [I’m] an expert on the consumer part of the intelligence and how to utilize it, but that perspective is never brought to Washington.”

The insiders in Washington D.C. appear to be afraid of anyone who is looking to take a different approach and change the status quo.


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