Pennsylvania GOP Votes to End Democrat Governor’s Lockdown Orders


A battle is brewing after Pennsylvania Republicans voted to end Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s lockdown orders.

According to Fox News:

Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf appear to be hurtling toward a constitutional battle over whether lawmakers have the power to override Wolf’s coronavirus restrictions and get the state back to business-as-usual.

The Pennsylvania House and Senate, both controlled by Republicans, passed a resolution Tuesday purporting to override Wolf’s coronavirus disaster declaration and directing the governor to “issue an executive order or proclamation ending the state of disaster emergency.”

“The Senate voted on a resolution to end Governor Wolf’s statewide shut down, which has been hurting families and doing irreparable harm to employers,” Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman said Tuesday. “People need to have the freedom to return to normalcy and decide for themselves the level of engagement with society that they are comfortable doing… It is time to allow people the freedom to decide for themselves – to control their actions and decisions.”

But Wolf, according to multiple reports, does not believe the resolution, without his approval, ends the disaster declaration or mandates him to take any action ending Pennsylvania’s state of emergency.

Republicans are pointing to one law while Wolf is pointing to another and how it will end up is anyone’s guess.

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