Pelosi’s Facebook Façade



Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi pushed advertisers to boycott social media platforms:

“Advertisers are in a position, they have power to discourage platforms from amplifying dangerous and even life-threatening disinformation,” said Pelosi at an online conference on social media hosted by George Washington University on Tuesday.

Pelosi said advertisers should use “a combination” of tactics to pressure social media companies to change their policies, including pulling ad revenue.

Yet, there appears to be glaring hypocrisy taking place.

Pelosi has spent $182,528 in Facebook ads over the last seven days, per the Free Beacon’s research.

Alana Goodman at the Free Beacon noted Pelosi’s comments coincided with public pressure applied to Facebook from Joe Biden’s campaign.

Biden, however, is speaking out both sides of his mouth as he spent $4.7 million on Facebook ads this month alone.

Our research also showed Pelosi’s congressional office has run roughly 250 ads on Facebook since 2018, which includes 29 different ads since the beginning of the year.

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