GOP Senator Tim Scott Reform Attempt Met With Death Threats and Racial Slurs

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

Senator Tim Scott who is leading the GOP’s efforts on police reform has revealed that his efforts are being met with racial slurs and death threats.

According to The Daily Caller:

Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott on Tuesday told his colleagues he has received a large number of death threats and phone calls with graphic racial slurs.

During Republicans’ weekly luncheon, Scott mentioned he has been getting a lot of calls with death threats and many racial slurs, The New York Times reported. Scott reportedly mentioned he had been called “Uncle Tim,” in one call and that the caller told Scott to “take your one-way ticket straight to hell.” Another caller reportedly talked about putting Scott “in his crosshairs.”

“The only group left in Washington D.C. that are reportedly agonizing over whether to block a discussion of police reform or let it proceed seem to be our Senate Democratic colleagues,” McConnell said on the Senate floor Monday. “I hope that whatever strange political calculations are making this difficult for our friends across the aisle will yield to common sense and to the American people’s hunger for progress. We will find out when we vote later this week.”

The legislation will include a “notification act so that we can understand and appreciate the 30,000 plus no-knocks that happen around the country to see where they’re happening so we have more information,” Scott said. It is supposed to include anti-lynching legislation that was stalled by Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in the Senate. The legislation also calls for more funding for body cameras.

Scott has been an adamant opponent of including qualified immunity reform in the bill which is something Democrats and others want to see included,.

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1 year ago

By her words and actions, Pelosi has proven herself to be the No. 1 racist in the House. I am sick of listening to her half-truths (only half???) and brain-washed ideas that mimic the thoughts and words of Brainless Rep. No. 2…AOC herself. Why people put up with half-wits like these, I don’t know, but every effort needs to be made by voters to kick them both….as well as their cohorts!…..out of the House of Rep.! If that’s not done, then America, with their help, will quickly become a socialist state. I believe that their real reason for running for office is to stash up a nice retirement package for themselves when they leave office; they are NOT representing the people!

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