Trump Offers to Pay for Funeral, Journalist Stabbed, Senator Stokes Presidential Speculation, AOC Ally In Trouble

nrkbeta via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Trump Journalist Stabbed

A video journalist who is supportive of President Trump was viciously attacked last weekend in Portland.

Andrew Ducomb, 25, was filming the Portland protests.

He believes a group of people began to follow him after realizing who he was from his videos and pro-Trump support.


AOC Ally and “Squad Member” Face Tough Primary

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) is facing a formidable challenge from former Rep. Brenda Jones (D-Mich.) in Tuesday’s primary, putting the political future of the progressive first-term congresswoman in the balance.

Tlaib gained national name recognition in 2019 when she became a member of the “squad,” four progressive congresswomen, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who were elected in 2018.

She notably made headlines when she called for President Trump’s impeachment after being sworn in, telling supporters “we’re gonna impeach the motherf—-er.”


Trump Offers to Pay for Funeral of Fallen Soldier

President Trump met with the family of slain Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen and during the meeting offered to personally pay for the funeral of their daughter.

President Trump also said that he has paid for the funerals of other soldiers too.


Tom Cotton Stokes Presidential Speculation

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton’s on a mission.

The conservative lawmaker from Arkansas and strong supporter of President Trump doesn’t face a Democratic opponent as he runs for re-election this year, so he’s crisscrossing the country this summer and autumn on behalf of President Trump and down-ballot Republicans who face stiffer challenges in November’s general election.


Biden Caught Making False Statement

Presidential candidate Joe Biden took the opportunity to comment negatively on the recent economic contraction numbers but he had one problem, his statement was false.


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Bill Williams
2 years ago

OMG we have a great President that takes no pay,pay for funerals of fallen soldiers, and these stupid people try and take him down. I cannot wait until November and pray he kicks Democraps ass big.

2 years ago

Pelosi has committed EXTORTION on the
American people on the first stimulus bill
and is doing so again. Full of pork and hidden
agendas..nothing needs to be added that
is not directly linked to stimulus. Expose
her and all DemonRATS for what they are..
Crooks..liars..anti American Communists
pushing for the demise of America.
Only one think stands in their way..President
Trump and the millions of Patriots who love
our nation and love God.
Turn this country red in November…VOTE EVERY DEMONRAT AND RINO OUT OF

2 years ago
Reply to  Ross

Yes – vote them all out – we need a republican president, house AND senate – then, perhaps the USA will return to greatness as it was when I was growing up in CA – the demcraps have destroyed everything they touch with lies and deceit and no action except for wasteful spending by the trillions.

2 years ago

Tlaib and Omar are going to lose their primaries.

2 years ago
Reply to  Daisy

From your keyboard to God’s ears. Vote on 11/3.

Rev. Ronald Roland
Rev. Ronald Roland
2 years ago

Amen Fellow Americans. The Socialist Communist Democrats thought they could take over our country while we were silently working hard making American great. They almost succeeded, then along came Donald Trump – the speed-bump on the Democrat road to hell.
It’s good to see all patriotic Americans waking up – the real “woke” – joinig together in local groups to defeat these domestic terrorists.
The One Creator God of the Universe did not have America come into existence to murder His children by the millions, “marry” homosexuals, and bow down to every false god imaginable – that’s not freedom! That’s real slavery. We need to turn back to what America was meant to be, now – in Jesus’ Name!

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