Postponing November Elections? It could happen.

Thanks to the coronavirus – and a leftwing government – at least one country has decided that national elections can wait another month.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern officially delayed the democratic nation’s upcoming general election. Initially slated for September 17, the prime minister pushed the date of the election out by four weeks, marking the first instance of a country caving to pressure to put off its electoral process amid a relatively small uptick in new cases.

A week after four members of a family fell ill with coronavirus, the country now counts upwards of 49 new cases. In spite of this recent emergence, New Zealand has consistently been touted by mainstream media sources as the “ideal” model for how to handle coronavirus, as they’ve managed to only have over 1,600 total cases and just 22 deaths.

Fake News Network itself, CNN, predictably praised New Zealand for its efforts to go 100 days without a single known case of COVID-19 being reported, citing their efforts as “enviable”, while disparaging President Trump and his administration’s efforts to curtail this invisible enemy. Ironically, these new cases emerged within 24 hours of achieving this milestone. 

So as the United States quickly approaches November – and an alleged “second wave” – it is not outside the realm of possibility that public pressure via the media and their leftwing handlers will do one of two things: 1) continue to rabidly push for unsecure mail-in ballots, or 2) insist on delaying the election in order to not only shorten the remaining amount of time President Trump would have to act on his agenda should he lose, but to cry foul and accuse Trump of trying to steal the election should he win.


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