These Four Republicans Took the Stage for Biden Last Night

By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Last evening commence the 2020 Democratic National Convention to nominate former Vice President Joe Biden and California Senator Kamala Harris as the Democratic ticket.

Days leading up to the convention the Democratic party touted the appearance and endorsement of one of Trump’s 2016, former Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Kasich, who was fourth in GOP delegates, in ’16, took the stage Monday evening to endorse Biden.

In his speech, he said, “I’m a lifelong Republican, but that attachment holds second place to my responsibility to my country.”

“That’s why I’ve chosen to appear at this convention,” he continued. “In normal times, something like this would probably never happen, but these aren’t normal times.”

President Trump fired back at Kasich Tuesday morning. He said, “John Kasich did a bad job in Ohio, ran for President and was easy to beat, and now went to the other side desperate for relevance. Good Job by Chris C in exposing yet another loser!”


There was displeasure with Kasich’s appearance from Democrats and other Republicans alike.


Last evening, Kasich was joined by three other Republicans at the Democratic National Convention, all which would have made a larger splash in a past era of politics: former Congresswoman Susan Molinari, former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman, and former California candidate for Governor and business executive Megan Whitman.

Neither three have made waves politically in the last decade.

However, Molinari is catching some heat for her work with Russia.

According to the Federalist, Molinari made millions lobbying for Russia:

The heavily promoted formerly Republican lawmaker endorsing Joe Biden for president tonight at the Democratic National Convention was a highly paid Russian lobbyist whose firm was paid millions of dollars for work on behalf of the Kremlin, federal records show.

According to federal documents filed pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), the lobbying firm run by former Rep. Susan Molinari and its business partner received nearly $2.5 million in just one six-month period in 2008 to “cover fees and expenses for providing services for the benefit of the Russian Federation.” During the final of the year, the Russian lobbying deal made the consortium another $2.8 million for its work on behalf of the Kremlin, records show.

This is obviously not the best look for a party who has tried to paint Trump as a stooge of Putin for the last four years.

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    1. Hello, Don’t we just love the way what used to be called Rino’s are self identifying their true selves for us as just another deep state establishment INSIDER enemy combatant working against our nation & our first patriotic PRESIDENT we have had in many decades. First one we’ve had from HST forward, according to Bill Clinton in the video “Clinton Agrees With Bush” and stated that every president since then, whether democrat or republican had been pushing for the new world order. JFK may have been the first one to catch on and try to take back control of the federal government from the new world order’s shadow government. We all know he paid with his life & IMO the leak that GHWB plea bargained to guilt of his assassination when GHWB was in the CIA is true. He allegedly also pleaded guilty to human trafficking and possibly other charges.

    1. Who cares? That is one less vote in the Senate for the Republicans, and we need to gain both the house and senate with the next DJT win (and without Rhinos) so the road blocks fall away and the USA can move to real greatness with a forward thinking President who has solid positive ideas that not one other president has had. We loose this, and where will America and all us citizens be when China backed by Russia takes over?

      1. Well said. People seem to have forgotten about the Obama-Biden-Clinton-Pelosi cartel’s ties to Russia, China and Iran…….remember the, what was it – $400M or B that this damn bunch wanted to sent to Iran in gold and US dollars? And, what about Obama wanting to be “King of the World”….and with Kerry’s help, passed legislation that put the UN in charge of us with our right to bear arms and they even had exercises here on our soil????? Now, they are trying to get back in control of OUR COUNTRY so they can kiss the asses of communist and terrorist nation leaders to line their own pockets. They really don’t give a damned about the United States of America. The Supreme Court has a case filed by JOHN Q PUBLIC which supports the FACTS ABOUT THEIR CRIMINAL HISTORY…to include TREASON against the USA. Why isn’t the Supreme Court hearing this case PRIOR TO THE ELECTION?????? They, too, should be held accountable!

        1. Amen.great great point.i would love to see them all thrown into the deepest hole maybe the Mariana trench and throw away the keys and never let them out because they are dangerous and tried to destroy America.and I think the reason they want power back so bad is they want to put Obama back in charge and it would not even surprise me if they changed the laws to keep him in power like a dictator.they want power so bad and if they get it back in 2020 I dont think they would risk losing it again now that we know how dirty they are and have seen that they only care about themselves I honestly believe they would change laws and do whatever they have to do in order to stay in power.and if that means having a dictator I dont think they would hesitate in order to stay in power.they are that desperate and that dirty.If they win America will never be the same and I think most people will not want to live in this country anymore after they get done destroying it the rest of the way

      2. Yer right except he betrayed the country and everyone who voted for him so we cant just say good riddance because he is a traitor and needs to be dealt with at least voted out by the people who voted for him.the piece of crap

    2. What a $witch by Ka$ich!! A member of Gingrich 1994 Contract for America, staunch Conservative, now a huge loser, a first cla$$ hypocrite !! Wonder what cau$ed the $witch??

      1. Trump embarrassed Kashit – he has no morals (supports abortion now), open borders, abominations- he has lost Republican support and Democrats laugh at the clown.

    3. If you are talking about john kasich I agree.he is also a trader to the country and everyone who voted for him and Pres.Trump supported him but he just stabbed Trump in the back.piece of crap.i bet he gets voted out

  1. Why did these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (RINO’s) defect to the Demented-Dem side of the aisle? Could it be that Dems only accept failures who have run for, or held, office?

    KaSick made his ignorance known in the 2016 campaign, hanging on till the bitter end, hoping that something would happen to Trump before being sworn in.

  2. Christine Todd Whitman, now there’s a real winner. She’s the one that started the snowball of UNFUNDED RETIREMENTS. She should have stayed under the rock she slides under.

  3. I had to laugh at ALL 4 RINOS.
    The other 3 the only one I remembered was Whitman. Soooooo, how many young voters care about these idiots???????
    ANSWER, NONE!!!!!

  4. It would appear that each of the RINO’s that back Biden have the same thing in common, they are all yesterday’s news and trying to reinvent themselves. I could never go against my principles of what I believe in for career advancement, apparently these folks can.

  5. They are just sore losers.! It shows how weak of President Kasich or Romney would’ve been.! They are not true conservatives.! They are #crybabies‼️🤣

  6. As the president said Kasich is a looser. The Ohio Republican party need to expel him from the party. Just do it!

  7. Kasich is just another SFB mealy mouth who couldn’t keep his promise to balance the fed budget. He is a wimp who is looking for a job with the “GOD FORBID” Biden Admin. He sold his soul to the devil for a few pieces of silver.An WGAS about anything he says. I just hope he is honest enough to change to be a dem. What a POS he is.

  8. So these former so called Republicans are willing to endorse the party of hate, division, violence and socialism? Obviously they were never Republicans and just tried to fool the people into thinking they were. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Kasich say he’s been a life long Republican? He’s a lifelong joke of a RINO. What a political prick. He’s far worse than a sewer Democrat at last thy admit it.

  10. You are not a Republican or a man who is loyal to your country. You are a liar and traitorous RINO.
    When the civil war finally gets here, you will hang with the rest of your traitorous Leftist friends.

  11. You would have to be as demented as Biden himself to vote for a man whose mental capacity is drifting by the day. And to know he is the pawn leading to Harris and her evil, sick, violent communist ideas simply makes those who vote for them traitors.

    1. Cheating is the only danger to Trump!!! We will all be diligent in getting to the polls. It is the rigging of the machines that worries me!

  12. Oh no! Anyone but them! My faith in Trump is shattered. With these Republican stalwarts abandoning ship, what hope is left for the re-election campaign? It has been dealt a death blow. They are so universally admired and respected, Trump can’t possibly recover from this.

  13. Surprised fake RINO Megan McCain wasn’t there with Kasich. Good riddance to all of the RINOs. They are like roaches being flushed out into the open by parasite spray

  14. Kasich should put a”D” after his name. He never was a Conservative but his father was a mailman, don’t you know!?

  15. A ” rino” is a dumbocrap, ask” Pierre defecto”, Romney,Kasich,McCain,and many more, we need to eliminate all rinos, from party.

  16. ::Palm to Forehead:: Oh NOW I get it..when you get ‘tossed’ from one Political Party and lose all your perks, you can just go to the other Party and get them all back..why didn’t I think of that?

  17. I do not care a whit for who claims to be Republican or Democrat. I care who cares about America and its’ citizens, who honors the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, our history and our Freedom. I care about Honor and Duty and Courage and Family and God and Country and those with the courage to stand for those things, not just in words but in deeds.

  18. Kasich was always a weak unimpressive clown, protected by the deep state of good old boys from both parties.

  19. These four have sealed their own legacy forever and I’m glad they came out of the closet and outed themselves for what worthless cowardly traitors they really are.

  20. Everyone a loser! Kasich thought he had it made to the nominee, but got his butt kicked. It still hurts and he hasn’t recovered.

  21. John Kasich is a weasel and a major league LOSER. He always has been.

    He has always been the type of person who constantly points out what is wrong but when he is elected he NEVER fixes anything. I don’t know if he is incompetent or just doesn’t care but he is ALWAYS ineffectual.

    1. Poor Johnny is blinded by the darkness of his basment and piece of plywood and 2 horses for his presidential Desk.

  22. Kasich is very ‘SAD” He is like a little boy. Now he feel its payback because he is a country oaf who lost to the Best U.S. President who ever lived. If the 16 presidential debate was about milking cows or cleaning barns, Kasich would have won. Poor Johnny, you had your sour grapes now go home to mommy, and retreat to your basment like the CROOK SLEEPY JOE, THE PUPPET MAN. Ron USMC
    Kasich is very ‘SAD” He is like a little boy. New he feel its payback because he is a country oaf who lost to the Bes U.S. President who ever lived. If the 16 presidential debate was about milking cows or cleaning barns Kasich would have won. Porr Johnny, you had you sour grapes now go home to mommy, and retreat in your basment like the CROOK SLEEPY jOE, THE PUPPET MAN. Ron USMC

  23. Take note……FORMER….Governor, Candidate for Governor, Congresswoman,….& Business Executive…….Really? Just a bunch dried out RINO’s seeking relevance! The DemoRats can have them, along with Mitt Romney & the other RINO’s….Drain the Swamp!!

  24. The title should have read “former Republicans” as they are neither Republican in spirit nor in action as of now.
    Which brings me to a larger issue. We have a RIGHT to FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION. This means that the Republican Party can and SHOULD be removing people from the party officially. Sending word to their registrar that the person is not and until further notice can not register as a Republican.
    If the party will stand up and decide WHO represents the party then it will become RELEVANT. Until then is can not be relevant.

  25. he’s yet another in a long line of politicians who lost their bid for the presidency and can’t stand that president Trump achieved what they never could. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Kasich, Romney and Bush should just stfu and go quietly into the sunset…they’re all losers.
    Trump 2020, he the only hope we have to save our republic 🇺🇸

  26. Getting uglier as the dim wits continue the spiral into losing again. Oh my, are they gonna destroy more of their cities?

  27. Kasich did nothing to turn around Ohio’s decades long decline from once being one of the most populous and industrial powerhouse states in America .
    President Trump has done more for Ohio in 3 years than John Kasich did in 8 years as governor.

  28. The Republican party needs to STOP CODDLING these so-called “RINOs.” Anyone who is supporting the other side against the (possibly) third best president in history IS A DEMOCRAT. We all, especially the party, needs to call a spade a spade. When you endorse a communist ticket like Biden/Harris YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT! Own it – you are ex-communicated from the Republican Party, now!

  29. I hope they know more than we do. Hard to believe they would be taking the side of a party if they believe it wants to dissemble America and rewrite its history, which is how it seems to me.

  30. Too bad about Kasich. His political future is over, unless he is a contributor to MSNBC or CNN. Maybe that’s what he’s going for.

  31. Politicians claim the government can fix anything in your life, but you can not fix STUPID. Even hard line Republicans hate President Trump. It is not because Trump is White, a Racist, or is a Bigot. It is because Trump is a outsider. This is why Democrats, “NeverTrumpers”, and Mainstream Media hate President Trump. He was a Outsider in 2016 and now in 2020 he remains a Outsider. There is little difference between 2016 and 2020 elections, but now the people’s Individual Freedoms are under the attack of SOCIALISM in America. People claim there can never be SOCIALISM in America, but they are dead wrong. US Citizens know that majority rule is accepted to give the people a voice in government with their vote. This means if the majority vote in SOCIALISM it can definitely happen in America. When politicians claim citizens must be Political Correct this is the definition of SOCIALISM. Under SOCIALISM the Political Elite govern, not the citizens. Repeat a lie long enough it will eventually be taken as the truth. The Will of the People got Trump elected and the people will re-elect President Trump in 2020. If the Will of the people is ignored like it was after the 2016 election it will mean SOCIALISM will take your Individual Freedoms away. 2020 may be the biggest election for our President in our history. It could mean the future of our nation. Vote for President Trump as if it your life depended on it, because in truth it does.

  32. We all know who they are? Again we don’t care. They are all left-overs from the past Presidential races? THEY DID NOT WIN? … So, they choose the LOW ROAD. Whats new.


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