China Celebrates Possible Biden Win by Bashing Trump Secretary of State

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While China’s communist regime has officially declined to congratulate Joe Biden as “president-elect” until all “election issues” are resolved, they are finding other ways to publicly celebrate a possible Trump loss and Biden win.

Avoiding directly criticizing the U.S. president, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece – Global Times is instead launching a full-scale barrage of editorials bashing President Trump’s tough-on-China secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, including six hit pieces since Monday alone.

Most recently, writes Newsweek, it is “goading him with the phrase ‘get ready to go’” in an op-ed on Wednesday.

Trump’s Secretary of State has been one of China’s toughest and most vocal opponents, highlighting the regime’s repression and human rights abuses. Pompeo has also been leading an increasingly successful diplomatic effort to contain the belligerent and expansionist Chinese dictatorship. 

On Trump’s behalf, Pompeo has been strongly supportive of Taiwan and has been strengthening ties with America’s allies throughout the Asia Pacific region, including with smaller Pacific island states. As Newsweek noted, Pompeo also just concluded a “five-nation anti-China tour at the end of October with visits to India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Indonesia and Vietnam.”

To China’s deep consternation, Trump’s Secretary of State, along with recently departed Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, have also made great strides in expanding and deepening diplomatic and defense links with the “Quad.” This is the informal Indo-Pacific coalition of Australia, India, Japan, and the U.S. focused on countering Chinese maritime expansion.

Pompeo has also succeeded in getting other U.S. allies, such as Great Britain, to accept the U.S. view on the dangers of China’s Huawei and 5G.

A sign of Trump and Pompeo’s success – Global Times editorials, noted Newsweek, branded the recent tour as a failure and described Pompeo’s efforts to rally some of China’s neighbors against her as an “era of train wreck diplomacy.”

“Pompeo is obsessed with making China an enemy,” a recent article read, reported Newsweek.

It added that the Global Times editor went further bashing Pompeo, “Look at Pompeo’s bloated ego. He is about to lose his job, but is still trying to meddle in Xinjiang and Hong Kong affairs,” he wrote on Thursday.

Expecting a far softer approach from Joe Biden, China’s state-run press is also sending messages to the possible new president-elect.

As Newsweek noted, in an indirect message seemingly intended for a developing “Team Biden,” Global Times wrote: “Pompeo’s successor will also need to make up for the damage done to China-U.S. relations.”

“For example, he or she will need to revoke some wrong policies (including the restrictions on diplomats and embassy issues) to create a good atmosphere for the two countries’ ties,” the article said.

While China’s communist dictatorship remains officially cautious, these editorials are sending clear messages of Beijing’s happiness at a possible Biden presidency. 

After four years of Trump pushing back hard on the communist regime, Chinese state media, says Newsweek, “expects him [Biden] to normalize relations with the world’s second-largest economy and return to traditional forms of foreign policy.”

What that really means is back to “business as usual” for the Biden family and the repressive and dangerous Chinese regime.


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