Conservatives Call for New Electors Amid Election Irregularities

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Conservative movement leaders are calling on state legislators to appoint new electors in accordance with the Constitution. In a letter, conservatives claim that multiple battleground states violated state and federal election laws by allowing last-minute changes to the mail-in election process. These eleventh-hour changes ultimately were to the benefit of Democrat Joe Biden.

The letter proposed by the Conservative Action Project follows a similar argument as a recent lawsuit filed by Texas against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to the Supreme Court. The Texas lawsuit alleges that the four battleground states allowed the Covid-19 pandemic to wrongfully justify election officials to make changes to federal and election laws.

Over a month since Election day and claims of widespread voter irregularities still overpower the airwaves. These irregularities have prompted conservative leaders to unite and call on battleground states Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Michigan to appoint new electors to the Electoral College to support President Trump.

The Electoral Count Act sets up how a change in electors could take place. The Act directs the state’s governor to certify the election results and a board of electors to represent the will of the people. Typically, the governor will certify electors chosen by the party of the presidential candidate who won the given state.

However, the Electoral Count Act also allows that in the event of “failed elections” where voters haven’t made a choice for president, state legislatures are given the power to intervene and appoint electors. As the November election is still filled with claims of widespread fraud and irregularities these battleground states have the duty to appoint clean slates of electors to ensure the integrity of the presidential election.

  1. Look, if you guys want a coup to overthrow American democracy, just say so.
    All this other flailing around and endless bogus lawsuits just make you look dumber than we think you are.

      1. All You got to do is start to watch the Very Fake and Corrupt MSM. That will get You there, that is what they do best.

        1. Remember, The Voting machines were made for Venezuela, Then Soros got his hands on them, Modified them to his specks, Put the servers in Frankfurt, Barcelona, and Ontario, The strange part is that they were all placed in CIA’s HK’s (Offices). Guess the CIA works for the DemonRats just like the FBI.

          1. They always have! They are the American version of the KGB! I was their top assassin 1991!

          2. Of course they do! They ALL had their hands in the CF cookie (money) jar. When Trump was elected, it all stopped!

        2. Who told you there was going to be a NEXT election? when the democ-rats take over there will be only one party allowed on the ballot.

        1. I’ve been ready for a long time. Do we have an army or not? I am prepared, and more than willing, to kill the Socialist/Communist enemy that calls itself the Democratic Party and affiliates. The FBI has become nothing less than the New Gestapo or KGB. They are now an enemy of the people, and must be taken down with the rest of the scum.

        2. I think so too. I live in a place where I’ll never get a permit. I used to shoot at a friend’s farm and I still can, so I have to make a plan.

      1. patience Bob… time you will not see it coming….but that you will feel it…you will…remember one thing, the military tribunals are open. History is repeating itself, but it needed actors in order to do so….remembering the hangings of the libs back in the days of Abraham Lincoln? Here….

    1. We’re just trying to recoup the American democracy that was overthrown by the not so silent coup of the demoncorruptic party & their allies, that being the CIA, the Chinese, Soros, the lame-stream media, the social platforms, plus the Obama, Clinton & Bush appointed judges. If you’re happy with the blatant fraud that occurred, then I hope you’re delighted by all the control over OUR freedoms that will be coming with a Kommie Harris administration. That’s reality!

      Have Great Christmas Holydays (spelling intentional) before they get COVID & culture cancelled.


      1. This is a very sad time in our history. I’m glad my father is no longer here to see what’s been going on. He was a vet of WWII

    2. Well hey, y’all know more about staging a coup and not accepting election results far better than we do. You failed at both~~ we won’t fail.

      1. It’s all talk! Blah! Blah!blah! They’ve got it! Until people decide that words don’t amount to anything with these people and pick up rifles nothing will happen.

    3. I have said before that if the Republicans are going to survive, they will need to learn how to cheat better than the Democrats now that we are turning into a banana republic and can’t trust the now fully corrupted election process.

    4. What reality are you living in, Bob? How dumb has it looked for the last four years…Russian collusion, impeachment over a phone call to the Ukraine (seems the Biden family needs to provide some answers there), and the MSM constantly attacking PRESIDENT Trump who was elected FAIRLY in 2016 but the Democrats never accepted it. Hmmm. See the hypocrisy in your comment? The MSM buried the whole Hunter Biden scandal (and protected the basement dweller). Who campaigns by hiding in his basement, telling the American public they don’t deserve to know what his plans are, and, on the rare occasion when he left the basement, speaking to a “corn field” or a parking lot full of empty cars? What if Biden had been leading and then, imagine, thousands of ballots marked for Trump showed up in the wee hours of the morning? I can hear the rage-filled screaming of the Democrats and imagine the “protestos” looting, rioting, burning down small businesses, and attacking anyone who dares to disagree with them. If Biden actually manages to steal the presidency, I am sure we will have four years of this type of hatred to look forward to.

    5. Dear realitybasedbob,
      America is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic, so you are wrong thinking from the start. Try that “reality” on for size.

      Democracy: Two Wolves and One Sheep voting on what is for dinner.

      Republic: One well armed Sheep inviting Two Wolves to eat all the grass they want for dinner.

      If you really believe in reality, try reading this Executive Order, and take notice of the date it went into effect.

      Then embrace the reality of the violations of federal law and this executive order done by Dominion voting machines, the design of the software, and how it was operated.
      Reality is, YOUR vote can be changed by someone else, after you vote. This is now a documented fact. Changing YOUR vote just happens to violate the Federal Law, and the Constitution.

      Good legal cause to investigate, via legal action in the courts, vote fraud.

      So, go cry with your liberal friends, while we adults clean up the mess and put this Country back on legal standing.

    6. We are not a Democracy! We are a Constitutional Republic! Do you not even know that much? Not even knowing that makes us roll our eyes when you try to lecture us on what the law says.

    7. You guys are the one’s who have tried to overthrow American democracy by a coup for the past four years. In addition, you have a lot of gall to get on social media and lie like this. However, I guess it comes easy for you. You are well practiced. Well get used to us fighting back because we intend to be just as nice to you as you are and HAVE BEEN to us for the past four years.

    8. [[ Why the U.S. is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy: ]]

      “…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and
      contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal
      security or the rights of property; and have in general been
      as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”
                       James Madison, the Father of the U.S. Constitution,
                        in Essay #10 of the Federalist Papers.

    9. hey RealityBasedBob, look bud i got a serious wakeup call for your ass!! Just remember, in case you didnt even think to consider the absolute ramifications of corrupted Dominion Voting Machine operatives…you know good & damned well that “if” the shoe was on the other foot here concerning this f#%kinģ FRAUD (..and you know it, too) your Democratic Antifa & BlackLivesMatter Chaos Teams would be absolutely trying to burn down the entire country IF your Democratic LEFT wing team had shown a serious loss in this election!! Absolutely!! Know how (we conservatives know?) Because for the last four years you Leftwing Media Dems have tried your absolute best to have Trump kicked outta office and defruaded his Family (with no shame whats so ever) and all the while NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to show for all your stupid sinister & highly unethical behaviour…and you want us to actually Respect your point of view of ..’look folks, nothing to see here today!” IF…this is your way of showing logical thinking…you and the rest of your Socialist Conspirators have another thing coming!! Just wait for it..wait for it you’ll findout!! Ha! Bet you thought us conservatives (btw, just for your information, we conservatives hold approx over 500,000,000 weapons in this American Patriotic Nation) would just simply give up and take it laying down? Ha…you’ve got to be on “crack cocain” to ever think this erroneous thoughts!!??…just something for you to chew on while you’re dreaming of your Socialist Utopia.
      Brother, you just had to ask for it and you & your Leftist brethren have seriously got a real fight on your hands if you think we’ll just simply let you aall just take the reins of this Patriotic Nation and turn it upside down for our children of the next generation and familes alike!!
      Sorry but you all are absolutely wasting you time thinking you will ever change our over 74,000,000 American Patriotic hearts & minds for Our American President Trump and his Team to he.p make America Great again…if you’re not comfortable with living amongst us…why not move to Canada where they will agree with you and be happy to support your way of Socialist lifestyle…you’ve already destroyed Washington & California what else do you want?

    10. Trump won, so the dems created ballots to overturn. Loads of affidavits and personal testimonies. Made up addresses, dead people, multiple votes under same names, the list goes on….

      1. Actually, FOUR of them are ‘traitors’. ONE of them is a mis-guided fool (the so-called “Chief Justice”) while the other two are, actually, following the law and requiring that the necessary preparations are correct, so it would be far harder for their decisions to be redone.
        The BIG problem is the State legislators who won’t stand up as they should, and call a halt to the crap that was thrown in at the last minute. It was THEIR duty to call an immediate stop because it was THEIR job to make changes, not the Governor’s or others.

  2. The Dominion machines are not secure by any means. They should never have been allowed to be used in any state. I saw the video and it showed just how easy it is to change someone’s vote, to scan the ballots in multiple times, and to even vote a blank ballot. The ballots, once scanned, are not secured, so they can be scanned multiple times. There was NO security in our elections! The fraud is obvious. If we want our republic to continue, then ANY fraud should make the election void. Only a small fraction of what is found is actually what happens. You only need one eye witness to a murder, but hundreds of people witnessing vote fraud apparently isn’t enough for our corrupt courts. Biden did not win!

  3. All I know is our vote was stolen away. The ppl have the power in the end but with the vote stolen we are all done for. They took our right and now will be taking a lot more

  4. Why should President Trump concede he won the election Nov 3rd, and the fake news knew it! I mean it’s dumb to concede to what’s rightfully yours! And as for biden he’ll never be president!

  5. POTUS should invoke the provisions of the 12th Amendment and have an instant re-voting in the contested battleground states of electors.

  6. A coup! Are you threating a coup from the left? That’s funny. Read the Constitution. You are clearly suffering Rectal Cranial Inversion!

  7. Let them keep on fooling around when it gets to the end, if it’s not right , we the people will take control and do things our way but won’t be no house or senate or supreme court, they can all look for different job if they are around, will not be real pretty but will be right. Just relax.

  8. The Left will never acknowledge nor allow for the brilliance of the way the founders anticipated nearly every instance possible for human mischief to be countered.

    This Constitutionally provided option will never be exercised. The Republicans do not have the courage, nor the ability to actually wield power. They will cower not power.

    The Republican Party is DEAD. This election if it continues in its fraud is a deep wound but the patient might recover. However the patient, the GOP, which consistently practices, self-cutting is now dead set on committing hari kari.

    The Democrats actually have a political party. They understand that the team has to win and that they will be rewarded in due time when they play as a unit.

    The GOP is a loose (very loose) coalition of somewhat like minded egoists who value their individual eccentricities above long term wins as a party.  

    The Democrats value a win, go to the bar, and create waitress sandwiches. They settle up their differences AFTER the win.

    The GOP is now dealing themselves the final death blow. R.I.P. GOP.

    Maybe they, the GOP, can at least throw us a good ole’ fashion Irish wake. 😉 The banshee is about to wail.

    The SCOTUS is either brain dead (save for 2) or they are being daunted by the deep state.

    The plain facts are that we now have 4 justices on the court who either were misrepresented by advisors or self-misrepresented as literalists: Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett. If you want the reason why read Clarence Thomas’ previous dissent as to why in plain language law the SCOTUS must hear cases in which they have primary jurisdiction.  Apparently Alito understands.  

    if the 7 think they have somehow averted a constitutional crisis and they are heroic then they are on a Ship of Fools. What they may have, in fact, done is set the wheels in motion for a hot civil war. 🙁

    Thomas and Alito are actually, it appears, lawyers the other 7 are posers with varying degrees of activism on display. They have committed self immolation when as the court is packed in the future they will be irrelevant or they can safely come out of the activist closet.

    Regardless they can wear a fancy robe, be the new ‘stars of the Washington cocktail circuit’ and collect a salary until such time as the die or retire from pretending to be judges. 🙁

  9. Talk, talk,talk, blah!blah !blah! “ all sound and fury signifying nothing!” We are past the point of discourse!

  10. This Socialist/Communist Coup will not stand.
    In the Supreme Court will not even hear the case, then three other options are on the table:
    1. The President could employ Emergency Powers to Combat an Internal Coup to take over the country by unconstititonal means and a fraudulent election.
    2. Succession of states cheated by an unfair and fraudulent election.
    3. Civil War and the total destruction of the Progressive Democratic Party.
    My family and I will support any or all of these options as necessary. Biden or Harris will never be our President.

  11. There is a whole lot of people who need to go jail becuase of all the violations and a lot of them are either Judges or Governors.

  12. All this talking and demanding is not going to change anything! Enough of the talking! Start a call to arms or serious civil disobedience because all this whining falls on deaf ears! They gave us the big middle finger during elections because they got caught but they don’t care because the Republicans are all talk and mouth farts but no meaningful actions.

  13. SUPREME COURT what use are you when you have refused to even look at or hear the massive amount of evidence of voter fraud, and illegal unconstitutional manipulation? What good are they? NONE! Resign and go home. Do your job or get out of then kitchen so somebody else can get it done. Are you a bunch of yellow bellies? Where you bought out by the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BILLIONAIRES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ who stand to profit at our expense? By the way the Democrats mocked you and fought to bar you from becoming Justices. Now you kick in then face Trump and the GOP who fought for you. You have joined the enemy. That makes you TRAITORS!

  14. What a traitor to our country! He is a total disappointment to the American citizens! I hope he doesn’t find another job as he isn’t an honest person! He truly us part of the swamp!

  15. I totally agree that the election was tainted. That being said, that doesn’t mean that Trump would have won (much as I would like). There are enough anti-Americans to possibly elect Biden, which is to elect Harris; as she already calls it the Harris administration. Biden will end up (if inaugurated) either stepping down or being pushed out shortly thereafter. To be fair, everything regarding the presidency should be voided out and a new election- no time for boring campaigning. If you vote by mail, you need to request the ballot and provide proof of citizenship in the envelope. Signatures must be matched. Every protocol must be adhered to exactly as intended. Dead lines are absolute, not one minute past. This election, no matter how it turns out makes us the laughing stock of the world. It’s disgraceful. If machines are to be used, then no politician’s family or friends or shadow government (ex: Soros) should have any connection to them or any influence. A combination of liberals and conservatives should examine the machines before being put into service and NO ONE gets to update any software or interfere in any way. They should not be online so no one can hack into one. There should be a certification on each machine initialed by both examiners and any tampering easily detected; putting the machine out of order. It also seems postal workers have had their hands in this fraud and so during the time that ballots can be mailed in, there should be no single postal workers handling any ballots. Team up liberal and conservative as a team from picking up the mail from postal boxes to the counting rooms. The extra money it will cost will be worth it to have an honest election. And yes, have ICE at the polls and if an illegal or any non citizen tries to vote then immediate jail time and deportation. All this because our congress won’t pass a voter ID card.


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