No Cots for National Guard: Soldiers Forced to Sleep on Marble Floors

(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Delano Scott)

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As lawmakers made their way to turn the tragedy of January 6 into the farce of impeachment proceedings, many had to step over and around the thousands of National Guardsmen currently deployed to the Capitol Building. Hastily called up to assuage the fears of politicians of an imminent attack, no provision has been taken for the soldiers, who are forced to sleep on the hard marble floors of the Capitol Visitors’ center in what can only be called a shameful mistreatment of America’s troops.

Some 15 to 20 thousand National Guard troops are planned to be deployed in Washington on January 20th to protect Joe Biden, who is supposed to have won more of the popular vote than any candidate in US history. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has been missing from the House Chamber most of this week, took time Wednesday to address the troops on what she expects from them.

The FBI manhunt for members of the riotous mob that entered the Capitol Building is shaping up to be the largest and most intense in US history, and while almost 100 have been captured, there have already been reports of rally attendees ending their own lives. 

President Trump, speaking in Alamo, Texas, yesterday, reiterated his calls for peace but warned Chuck and Nancy of the dangers of impeachment proceedings in veiled language. He expressed his hope that his wall, which he was inspecting in Alamo, will survive the next Administration.

Ryan Highland has an MA in Social Science and is an independent researcher and writer from Atlanta, GA.

  1. Our best president and family we have ever or will ever have has been drug though the mud , stepped on and lied about . I just Hope Pelosi and her goons are happy.

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          1. no the tough guy is your guy biden who is too chicken to ride a train and needs all those soldiers to protect him lol Trump faced hatred for the past 4 years and did not run and hide!

          1. I did not vote for the winner.
            I did not vote for the loser.
            I voted against the loser.

          2. People like this probably complain the most how bad it is in this country and vote the same. These people are the ones ruining this country, should be removed

          3. Most people would not be able to vote against themselves. But you did. You took the high road. You deserve to be admired for that. You have also found a website where commenters respond to trolls. So congratulations twice.

          4. You are the biggest loser, for voting for a person who couldn’t win on his own or best day.

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        6. I have an go and tell them in person how deplorable they are because a lot of those on guard voted for Trump.

        7. You are arrogant and abysmally ignorant. Did you finish high school? Typical of the left, still angry about Trump’s win in 2016.

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    1. Likely she is. Well intended or not the incursion into the Capital building is being used against patriots, including all who remained peaceful that day.

      1. It is now well documented that the ones causing the mayhem were actually BLM/Antifa plants, there for exactly that purpose

          1. Photos showing faces and more than 100 have been identified. It was supposed to be a peaceful rally of Trump supporters but was infiltrated by BLM and Antifa. This is from a reliable source that asked to remain anonymous.

          2. A man from back of Capitol said thousands and thousands were back there, all Trump protestors. No noise, no trouble. 8 cars sitting amongst the crowd not touched, no broken glass. Two young people with megaphones came around side of bldg. pointing up to windows and girl said, there are some windows we can get in. The man was just standing on steps, and told the megaphone kids to stop that, and they ran away like chickens. He can ID them. He said Trump fans were all extremely well behaved and knew nothing about what was going on inside or in front of the Capitol on steps or the front stairwells! They have film. Where were the pics before the fake impeachment? Why did the mayor or those in charge send some Capitol police home, when they knew days before what was going to happen? Why did the police open the doors and show the crazies in the Capitol? Why Why Why???

        1. I can believe that same bunch of goons that torched Portland They are using the capitol riot to draw attention away from those goons. Once Biden is in office all those criminal activities including his son will go away

          1. So will Hunters law breaking and the BIDENS, too, and all the closings, and maybe even magically, COVID! Did you ever think the rioting might stop, too? But, the real worse hell is coming from China, who started war with a virus, not one shot, not one bomb! Right now they are in the ocean preparing for a fight! You, who voted for Biden, or helped in the cheating are going to get what you asked for, but a whole lot worse now. Antifa and BLM are never ever gonna stop said Kamala, not ever, she said, smiling and agreeing with herself! Get It? You will! They will make sure, with the enemy already here in every business, bank, govt. entities, etc. They are already prepared. Get it?

          2. I think there will be more criminal activities because that’s what the democrats do. BTW. Why are we having an English language discussion with some who don’t understand English?

      2. The incursion in to the Capitol was intended?
        Was it patriot’s who smashed the windows and doors, killed the cop?
        Did they do it peacefully?

  2. I can’t believe they even bothered to look for the summer rioters. But Trump people are hunted like animals, while the real animals who led that attack weren’t Trump people. Through experience they are long gone.

      1. You are a Democrap lemming! It’s your crap party that has done all the damage. You use African Americans to push your agenda and then leave them flailing. Do some actual research you libotard moron!

        1. Trump people murdered a cop in the Capitol.
          Were there any any anti-Trump African Americans in the Capitol?

          I did some actual research.

          Trump loves people of color.
          Do you?

          1. They won’t arrest the left dumb ass cuz they need them to riot other places. They are paid by the elites and the left use them and have been using them since before Trump was elected. They rioted all trump rally’s and have started fires broke windows ppl died lost their properties etc etc and not one of them is still in jail. If they were arrested by mistake than they were bailed out ASAP in case they needed them again.

          2. When they arrest the Antifa and/or BLM, they’re turned loose again……..without bail, just like they did earlier today with the one they arrested for the Capital riot/assault.

      2. You wouldn’t know the truth if hit you upside the head. Really so all those cops hurt or killed in the riots all summer long were Trump supporters? You have the intelligence of a Grapefruit.

      3. You have it all wrong we Republicans are for standing for our flag , support our veterans and police and follow the constitution, just the opposite of the Democrats who support making for themselves!!

      4. YOU sir should shut up and soon, Its not our people who kill cops or vets
        Its Your scum bag leaders who are too stupid to see what they are doing by giving into the rioters and the looting soon sir they will come for you too and maybe then you will learn the meaning of when they came for others I said nothing but when they came for me I was lost. shut the hell up

      5. FU Hess and this is from a female Veteran and one that just retired from working with law enforcement! Proud to be a deplorable…… You are delusional and seriously need to go away!

      6. Hess you know well and who murders . Who paid the rioters up till this point how deaths came from and how many lives and homes businesses etc etc cost of jobs. You know who let the virus out. For mail in votes. Who has ties with China who paid Wuhan labs millions. Hess just shut your pie hole. We the ppl know the truth and I told you to get off my forum. Bye robot time to get the 3 n 1 oil out.

      7. No Albert, as usual, you got that wrong. It’s the BLM/Antifa rioters whose MISSION is to murder cops and veterans. Brainwashed thugs and goons.

      8. It’s hard to be mature when your an idiot. Pouring gas on this fire isn’t going to bring people together. The people known for killing cops are not Trump supporters but with BLM AND ANTIFA.
        They were the ones that shot cops sitting in their squad cars. Are you really and truly that stupid? You poor miserable SOB. You are the animal, a sheep that instead of thinking for yourself your just following pelosi and Schumer. Your asking and begging for abuse by calling all Trump supporters animals. You can’t debate your point but call names because your obviously too stupid. I’m retired now but when I taught martial arts my Sifu used to say one can’t add water to a full glass.
        Your so smart no one can tell you anything. That’s the know it all I heard it on CNN expert. Bringing people together, ya right!

    1. There were only a handful of AMERICANS that took the bait and followed the 100s of globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep dressed in MAGA hats or MAGA shirts .

    2. Have any of the Trump supporters been restrained by choke holds?
      How many minutes?
      The nice man in Pelosi’s chair was not a Trump person?
      Most of the arrested have a pro Trump social media history!!

  3. I saw all that military personal sleeping on the floor and it disgusted me. Pelosi expects them to protect them and can’t even provide cots for them? All she cares about is herself and her minions.

    1. This is not a political problem. It is a military leader ship problem! Those soldiers should have come fully prepared from their National guard armory‘s. Questions should be asked and answers sought From the national guard headquarters.

      1. Yes and no, they are pulling war veterans off their homes for this crap. It has a different meaning though, you’ll see on the 20th.

        1. Hess again the commander in chief is Donald Trump and the corps listen to him so robot it’s time to go home. You don’t know what’s gonna happen do you? You stupid robot

      2. Well,I don’t think you’re taking into consideration that Nancy demands that the troops be there immediately,to protect her and the other scumbags DemonRats!!

      3. It is called common courtesy, if one asks the NG for assistance provisions should be provided, especially from the likes of our wondrous con-gress..

    2. This has nothing to do with Pelosi.
      Our military does not report to Pelosi.
      They report to our Commander and Chief, President Donald J. Trump.
      For another five days.
      Then it will be Sleepy Old Joe Biden .

      1. Trump did not summon the National Guard. The Dems organizing the “inauguration” did. They are now paranoid about the safety of China/Zombie Joe and Slut Harris. The FBI reported indications of organized protests in 50 states. I’m not watching this disgraceful event. I suspect Joe won’t be able to utter his oath. But am anticipating the unhappiness of millions of Trump voters. It will ne an event unlike any other in our history.

      2. Quid pro joe. Bending over and taking it from China. When obamala becomes president she will be on her knees.

      1. You got that outta we shall see?
        Hess you don’t belong on this forum. We had an agenda that was not met by foreign interference unlike the 2016 that back fired on you and yours. Which in fact are way fewer. We all know their was collusion 2016 but it was on Hitlery not Trump.
        You ever hear of that old saying “out of left field”. Enough said.
        I wish no arm to any person place or thing. Wish ppl can all get along, but ppl have a thing about money and power and like to rub shoulders with Satan.
        Let me tell you one thing !
        Once that is done there is no return. That’s why ppl are radical and unforgiving . Everyone knows there is one almighty on this earth and that my Freind is God the Father of heaven and earth. Whom the left has tried to oust! Have you ever heard the power of prayer?
        Well Our Father will do what’s right and when it’s time. It may well be on the 20th it maybe before or after. But it’s in his hands not the lefts or the rights. Ppl can say anything they want but like I said when the time is right in his eyes that’s when things will happen. God bless everyone and that means everyone who is deserving of him. Blasphemy there is no return so be careful of what comes out of your mouth or even a thought in your mind. It’s not always on an action. Ppl of God fight the devil everyday.
        We all sin that’s why Jesus died on the cross for us…

    3. To add insult to injury,how many of these troops are probably conservative and secretly can’t stand being there??

  4. Marble floors beats the shit out of th snow, the desert floor, or moving trains, where I slept as a GI. Every Guard unit has cots. Whether they are used short term is a command decision.

  5. It’s a disgrace to our loyal troops to be treated this way. Where was Pelosi, Schumer and Biden during the looting and rioting during the summer I guess there is a double standard when it comes to the do nothing Democrats. This country is going to go through difficult times starting Wednesday when they jam their agenda down our throats .

    1. It is a disgrace that our loyal troops are treated this way.
      Their Commander and Chief is responsible for this travesty.

  6. Get them cots , assign areas for forces in Capitol Hill, spread out A Co goes to Y & C Co goes to Z
    No rerun of Beirut 1983 bombing IE forces NOT concentrated for terrorisim
    Keep DC as IS for next 4 years

      1. AND milk and bread are $100 (when available) if they tank the $$. Seldom any meat or necessities. Been there, seen that–Hello Venezuela!

      2. p.s. I just noticed my earlier comment “waiting for approval” amid some rather offensive posts by others –so is this site also practicing CENSORSHIP now??

  7. There won’t be any Dems left breathing to impeach our President. And if those 20,000 Guardsmen stand in the way of our 1,000,000 patriots, they will be sleeping under the marble rather than on it.
    At least a million armed patriots will face whatever obstacles the evil Left puts in place.
    We are ready for war.

      1. AMERICANS have been in the cross hairs of the globalist puppet, fbi CRIMINAL organisation for the past 12 years while they bless globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist medi and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep .

    1. Do not descend to using the tactics of the left, particularly by attacking members of the U.S. military or elected members of Congress.
      Violence turns a righteous cause into an anti-American media sound byte that they will use against all who believe in freedom.
      Consider what is the most powerful video of Martin Luther King and his peace march. Picture one million patriots standing with heads bowed praying for our nation.

    2. We have 20,000 well trained troops equipped with fully automatic military grade assault weapons
      Trump has a bunch of old fat White guys with AR-15 pop guns with bump stocks.
      If those Trump fools try anything like they did on Jan. 6th the DC swamp will be over flowing with Trump Humper blood.

      1. Albert Hess
        You are the biggest idiot I have ever seen posting on a site. Shut up and allow intelligent information to be read and not your foolish, juvenile comments.
        Those Trump fools as you call them have got more brains in their little finger than you do in your empty fat head.

  8. I’m sure most veterans of any war would have preferred a marble floor to a rain or snow filled foxhole, dessert sand or the jungle insects. So far they’re not dodging bullets.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media keep all their cots for the illegal criminal invader voters . . . . .

    2. I agree. I slept on the ground many times in Vietnam, but that being said, these troops aren’t deployed to a war zone and combat conditions, so the politicians should at least provide cots. At any rate, I don’t think anybody joins the military expecting a five star hotel room.

  9. What happened to precautions against catching Covid-19? Thousands of now healthy military are sleeping on the floors of the Caoital, just inches apart.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media only allow you to catch the globalists coronavirus scam if you are involved in a gun shooting or involved in a fatal vehicle accident . . . . .

    2. Covid is real, but there are only precautions when it suits congress. Why are we even going through with all this when there is a pandemic going on. Why aren’t the congress idots crying that they will get covid now

      1. These cowards in congress must be shaking in their boots to call up 20, 000 troops over a bunch fat people with ar15s. That is more than we have in Afghanistan.

    3. Covid is fixing to go away after Wednesday! Bill Gates & Soros planned all of this as well as Obama & KLINTON, they didn’t care how many people died!

  10. Please be sure to watch today’s posted video clip of poll workers in State Farm Arena, GA., fixing the vote tallies. See and hear them as they arrange the fraud in concert with the manager of vote counting. It is up on WarRoom Pandemic, steve ban. site. Pass it on. May also be on “National Pulse”.com. Don’t use key words that are being used to close conservative sites down in your messaging to others. W need these sources to stay up.

  11. That is worse that the children that crossed the board illegally that she said was so mistreated. They did have beds or cots from the pictures I saw.

  12. Disgusting and I’m ashamed that our President Donald Trump is subjected to such terrible behavior – I back him 100% — We stand ready willing and able to defend our country – God Bless Donald Trump

  13. Ladies and gentlemen our country is based on the constitution….every member of our government and law enforcement takes an oath to uphold this when they are elected or get a law enforcement job….our military takes the same oath….so anyone elected is charged with upholding this great document…..if they fail to uphold our constitution then they are traitors and should be treated as such.

    1. It’s Commander IN Chief~~ For somebody who thinks Conservatives are unintelligent, you certainly are without erudition and are completely devoid of any sign of perspicacity. Perhaps you should go back to high school.

    2. You’re nothing but a Chi-Com paid troll. You know, it so admit it and move on. By the way, do the commies pay you enough for lunch money? Because that’s all your lame efforts are worth. You’re the worst troll ever. Not worth more than lunch money.

  14. Having been a grunt myself, a sleeping bag on a floor in a heated building beats the hell out of sleeping in the cold. Use an air mattress if you are a REMF and kind of soft

  15. A peaceful transfer of power is what happens when you have free, fair, open, honest and transparent elections. Then, and only then, the leaders are elected by the people and the people accept that outcome and move on. In addition, leaders who work for the people, listen to the people and do the people’s will, usaaully don’t have to worry about being protected from the people, as the people are more likely to defend them, than attack them. Just some food for thought as I watch a massive troop build up to defend our supposedly elected officials. Congress’s approval rating 18%. Trump approval rating 49%. Biden’s approval rating ??.

  16. lol don’t like Xiden? Stay tuned. Had enough of Fox, CNN, MSNBC, all of those? You’re in the right place,big things will happen and soon.

    1. Who called all these NGs up? Some from DC I suppose under mayor control but those from other states I have no idea.

  17. If the Senate votes to convict I think they may light a powder keg that they can’t put out. That little March on the politicians will be like an Easter egg hunt. Stop dragging this country through the mud out of hate. These people forget that they are there to do what the people who voted for them want. I get tired of hearing I have to vote my conscience, NO YOU DONT you have to vote what the people who put u there wants!!!!!

  18. I question why they are so afraid of Trump. It’s crazy that they think they can keep lying and cheating and there won’t be push back….

  19. This is really crazy. I Sam having a very hard time keeping my mouth shut about this new administration . I feel it is the most shameful behavior of this new administration. They want to defund the police but yet they deploy our military men and woman an they can not make these great men and woman comfortable while they pretext their sorry asses. This is beyond ok this is wrong of these people that put our military on this when no one is going hurt this man it is Pelosi is scared for her life if she was not so corrupt and cared about our country she wouldn’t have nothing to worry about. Grow the hell up Pelosi and do our men and woman right.

    1. The whole lot of them are crooked snakes in need of a long life time sentence in jail, especially Nasty Nancy Pelosi. By the way Christina, my last name is also Creasy. I’m from the great Red state of Tennessee.

  20. tradegy my butt!,another planned deep state nwo dem communist attempt to discredit Pres Trump.(you know HE ..TRUMP THAT IS!WON BY AN INCREDIBLE LANDSLIDE!)Attempted by Obamas army of BLM and Antifa paid soros/dem nwo communist party operatives.TRUMP AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WON INCLUDING THE GA RUNOFF SHAM STEAL!!!Ushering in a civil hot war.

  21. Are the troops complaining ? If not then why are the snowflakes complaining ?? I have slept in a tarantula farm in a field ,in a freak snowstorm at the base of mount Fuji in japan , sitting up in a foxhole and several other locations . To me a hard floor is better than many other places in the world I had to sleep .

  22. Since the democrats requested for the soldiers to come and protect Biden elect, then let them pay for the cots out of their money!!! to have our troops sleep on cold marble floors, this is not patriotic or American, to do this to our own proud soldiers in their own country. what kind of respect is that.
    IF that was President Trump doing this .. it would be all over the papers, TV, night time comics bashing him.
    “SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE” in our government,, this is our “new” to be “administration”…be careful citizens and watch out, your headed for a bumpy 4 years.
    thank you

  23. Can anybody tell me when the FBI clowns,are going to start arresting all the BLM and ANTIFA scumbags that burned down cites last year? The (FBI)hypocrisy is stunning by this corrupt law enforcement agency!

  24. The troops are there to protect the next term of our president Donald J Trump. Why do you think Pelosi is so nasty. She should be promptly arrested by the troops along with China Jo for treason. The last riot was set up by the left and Antifa mark my words. The election was a massive fraud and I can prove it with simple logic. If there wasn’t fraud the dems would have complied with legal election laws and allowed full access to examine all ballots, envelopes, signatures, and voting machines, Come on, even McConnell is in on the fix with his fake moral outrage. The enemies of the state are now fully exposed. Time for the next phase, reinstate the lawfully elected president Donald J Trump. The guy carrying Pelosi’s pedestal, leaving it intact in the hallway, murdered, not suicide, another hit by Clinton henchman likely. Even the female murdered was set up by henchman from antifa. They quickly changed clothes, then went to the media to spin the tale. See the interview with the Japanese reporter who as much had two cameras that showed the actions and gave her opinion and felt the Japanese people needed to hear about it instead of just fake American media who in my opinion should lose all “freedom of press” exemptions as they aren’t media or press but democrat hack partisans in on the fix. They violate the “you can’t yell fire in a theater if it isn’t true” often quoted on the limits of free speech.

  25. It Beyond deplorable the way the president of this country is being treated and he is still the president I can’t even believe anybody could be so rude and so horrible and tell such terrible eyes but with still here President Trump and we will never leave you and we will never believe them and we will never ever treat him if he’s the president because he is not my president and never will be thank you for everything that you did for this country and for all of us I will never ever ever forget

  26. What did you expect after all they are just “people” not part of the swamp or deep state.
    They will go down in history as the first “troops” being used to prevent peaceful protest and install a person not worthy nor legal.

  27. Mitch is only faithful to his wife, who also showed her true color by going back to her roots, instead of appreciating the rewards of being an American and faithful to her President who elevetaed her to a cabinet post… Good riddance to both.

  28. NOT EVEN A CHAIR????????????
    SHAME on all of them democrats republicans anyone else uses that building SHAME
    I would write it bigger and bolder if I could shame total shame

  29. Every member in Congress that backstabbed this country, needs to be dragged out by their hair I don’t care who it is, place them on the streets where they belong let the people decide their fate. They need to be treated like garbage like they have done to everyone in this country, take away their pensions the goods and give it to the people. Everyone is doing all the dirty work for the democracts while they sit their on their butts laughing at everyone nothing gets done to them

  30. These soldiers mean nothing to the demoncrats, they are being used as ploys to try to frighten the Americans who voted for Trump and know the election was stolen.

  31. Americans of 13 small colonies in the very beginning had the guts to go against foreign tyranny of a Great Britain , yet today Americans do Not have the guts to go against DOMESTIC tyranny!

  32. Guys … knock it off. I thought the other night many of us decided to ignore “A”
    Don’t fool with a fool. Ignore him and he has none to fight with but himself! comment on the article. Just a suggestion.🇺🇸

  33. Now back to the article. At least give the women the cots from the Congress. You know they have beds in their offices.
    So much for respecting our great military.

  34. The dems should be in prison.
    “But this is going to be much bigger than just one account and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, and this week, and the next few weeks and go beyond the inauguration. We have to expect that, and we have to be ready for that.” Jack Dorsey Twit

    Twitter and Facebook ARE NOT Private companies they have gone PUBLIC as they are publicly traded.
    Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador, is also mounting an International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans. All this “Conservative” sites should disconnect from Twitter and facebook use something else why anyone is sharing to FB or Twitter they are banning every conservative. Twitter down 15% from $52 to $45, from last week to today, make sure everyone keeps telling everyone else to help this is the war we are fighting.. This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both, in North Dakota banned users can sue Twitter and Facebook. Use Ramble, GaB instead. Tech bubble is imminent, close twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.

  35. Personally, I think the Pence family should go home and not attend the inaugration. It is almost a slap in the fact to Trump. Pence may be a nice guy but just leave town with your wife.

  36. The biggest things the soldiers at the Capitol have to fear right now is not the marble floors. These troops are trained soldiers not panty wastes. The biggest fears are boredom and having to face a lecture from Pelosi on what she expects of them. That is torturous. We still follow the rules of the Geneva Convention don’t we?

  37. You know, coming on these comments sections and belittling each other and degrading each other’s demeanor is not getting us anywhere. We are either for the left or right and that is our prerogative. The main thing about this article is how they treat these soldiers when they bring them to Washington to protect the White House and the leaders that are supposed to be leading this nation. The Congress that has been in session for the last 8 to 4 years has done nothing at all but excoriate our President from the time he was elected and have only worked on trying to get him out of office. Now they want the military to protect them against the supporters of the man they are trying to oust. We need to elect a Congress and Senate that is for this country and not against the people’s wishes. I am going to say this one and only thing. If you think this President came to office, and fought these people tooth and nail throughout his presidency, is going to lie down and take a stolen, rigged election by the Democrats, then you have another thing coming. Just stop fighting amongst yourselves and sit back and watch the show for the next few days. You are going to start seeing things take place and America will be as one again with our President presiding!!!!!!!!

  38. Think about it — 2 losers who could barely get 100 people to their rallies — supposedly got the most votes in our history — think about that and just how ridiculous it is. There was enough evidence of voter fraud and criminal activity by the dimwits that the village idiots could see it but all of our agencies including the not so supreme court refused to see or act on it. Should tell you all you need to know — ALL of our so-called leadership wanted Trump gone so that they can get back to their golden fleece,their “perks”for selling us out and lining their pockets from large corporations and foreign enemies that Trump put a wrench in for 4 years. Sad state when we have the MOST CORRUPT government in the world.

  39. When did Pelosi become Commander in Chief of The US military? President Trump is still in office. That fact seems to have escaped her notice.

  40. So this is the kind of S..t troops can expect from the Joe Shmoe administration. While panicked democrat politicians are asleep in their warm beds at night, these poor schmucks have to sleep on the floor.


  42. The dems can send the national guard to protect the communists, but refuse to send them to our southern border to protect us against invasion. Shows you whose side they are on.


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