Former Fox News Pundit Flips, Swalwell in Hot Water, Biden Snubs Trump

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Former Fox News Pundit Changes Tune

A former Fox News talking head and 90’s actress is changing her tune on politics after having left the network.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Dash said that on Fox News she was “the angry, conservative, Black woman.”

“And at that time in my life it was who I was,” she continued.


Actor Matthew McConaughey Considering Run for Office

Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is considering a run for political office.

On The Balanced Voice podcast, the host Rania Mankarious implied that the people of Texas would be “very happy” if McConaughey were to run for governor.

McConaughey surprised her by responding, “it’s a true consideration.”


GOP Leader to Try and Force Swalwell Off Intelligence Committee

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy is planning to introduce legislation to have Democrat Eric Swalwell removed from the House Intelligence Committee over his connection to an alleged Chinese spy. A recent bombshell report from Axios detailed Swalwell’s relationship with suspected spy Christine Fang who worked to fundraise for Swalwell’s election campaign and also placed at least one intern in his office.


Fox News Correspondent Considering Senate Run

Ohio’s Republican US Senator Rob Portman announced his retirement last month after serving 2 terms.

Now, a Fox News correspondent and former television host is considering a run for Portman’s seat.

“Pondering running for retiring [Senator Rob Portman’s] seat in the United States Senate. #GoBuckeyes,” he tweeted.


Trump Unveils Another 2022 Endorsement

Former President Trump has rolled out yet another endorsement this month.

Monday evening Trump endorsed Arkansas’ senior Senator John Boozman for reelection:

“Senator John Boozman is a great fighter for the people of Arkansas. He is tough on Crime, strong on the Border, a great supporter of our Military and our vets, and fights for our farmers every day. He supports our Second Amendment and has my Complete and Total Endorsement”


White House denies Trump deserves credit for coronavirus gains

The White House still will not give credit where it does not believe it is due, regarding former President Donald Trump’s contributions to the country’s coronavirus pandemic response.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed by NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander on Friday about President Biden’s decision to omit Trump from his first national address when hailing the swift development of multiple COVID-19 vaccines.

[READ at Washington Examiner]

  1. Biden has always been a plagiarist taking credit from someone else because he can’t seem to think on his own. Even before the Alzheimers’s dementia.

      1. I think he thinks he’s the cats pajamas….but I can’t stand that creepy thing..”lying Joe is his name and he plays the rotten game!

  2. Too bad the White House doesn’t recognize trumps accomplishments! Everything the left say is the opposite for trump…in the four yrs, he’s been pres. Didn’t peoples lives get much better! Why can’t these dumb people that voted for Biden see that! Don’t tell me they don’t know the difference! The country was on much more peaceable terms then now….there was no fighting, killing ,taxes going up, people losing jobs!and the worst thing of all is scumbag Biden and them don’t care! And he goes to church on Sundays…they make my stomach sick! BUT…GOD sees all and their day is coming! I can’t wait…..I am praying everyday! Help the USA ….GO TRUMP🇺🇸

  3. What are we to do, if HR-! passes the senate? The deal is up if this happens, our two party system is over, our Republic is No More..

    1. We’ll just have to have another revolution, as per our Constitution, while we still have some firearms!

  4. Wake up and prepare for chaos and violence. Our borders have been opened up and drug cartels, gangs, people with the Covid Virus, and criminals are crossing into America. We just spent a year fighting the Covid virus and being locked down, NOW BIDEN IS LETTING IN ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN THAT HAS THE VIRUS! TALK ABOUT INSANITY. If you don’t see what Socialism does to a country and how it ruins law, order, prosperity, security, and the future of other generations, then we are doomed as a nation. Biden reversed all of Trump’s beneficial policies to help this nation.

  5. Biden has been lying for a long time, when is the media going to confront this? What a scam and shame for America!


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