New Bombshell Drops on John Kerry

Things appear to be going from bad to worse for Climate Czar John Kerry. It was recently revealed that Kerry gave Iran information on Israeli Operations in Syria.

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The information Kerry gave Iran’s Foreign Minister was news to Iran, they had no idea.

According to The Daily Wire:

A new report on Thursday night revealed that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif seemingly had no idea that Israel was behind hundreds of attacks on Iranian assets inside Syria when former Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly disclosed that information to him.

The New York Times, which published a report at the start of the week on the leaked audio, buried at the bottom of their report:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Adam Kredo obtained the audio file of the leaked call and had it independently translated. The translation revealed that, according to Zarif, he had no idea that Israel was behind the strikes.

“Kerry told me that Israel had launched 200 airstrikes against you [Iran],” said Zarif.

John Kerry was giving state secrets to the largest state-sponsor of terror in the world. To make matters worse it was information they did not know about our biggest ally in the region.

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  1. If it weren’t for the facts that Kerry hates America (witness his return from Viet Nam), is a traitor, is a condescending ass, is narcissistic and is an all around arrogant prick, he’s kind of likable!

    1. Yes, it’s amazing how marrying a crazy super rich woman (Heinz) makes a crazy man even more deranged! Plus, Kerry just has not been able to reconcile that he wasn’t elected President and has worked every day, in every way, to make America and the American people pay for not electing him! John Kerry hates America so much he should take his Portuguese wife and move back to her native country, Portugal! I am sure her home country would treat him as royalty with all of her “Heinz” money! John is a disgrace to his party and America……he should be in prison or worse!

        1. He was involved with giving terrorists big money remember Iren planes didn’t land they just pushed the skids out the back of the planes. One hundred and fifty billion US dollars

          1. That was pay day money for the terrorist to kill our military men and injure our soldiers —Kerry and Obama have blood on their hands.

      1. He was and is guilty of treason, why is he still walking around free, let alone being a member of the government?

        1. Why are any of the traitors still free? Kerry is the epitome of Judas~ however, Judas hung himself. Maybe if we send Kerry a nice, new rope he’ll get the idea.

      2. Marrying “super rich women” is how John Kerry made all his money. Heinz was a particularly rich catch, but not the first. The man’s a gigolo as well as a traitor, a snob, a coward passing himself off as a hero… Pick almost any calumny and you’ll find it fits John Kerry. The shame is that Mrs. Kerry’s first husband, the REAL Heinz, was a rock solid conservative. His widow “repurposed” his money to support causes – and a candidate, he would never have supported. However, for better or for worse, every Heinz product you now buy is money in John Kerry’s pocket, so START VOTING WITH YOUR WALLETS. There are plenty of other makers of ketchup and tomato paste. DON’T BUY HEINZ PRODUCTS. The Left has been wildly successful with their threats of economic boycotts, maybe it’s time we adopted the tactic, esp. as we likely represent a far larger market share than do radicalized college students and part time baristas.

          1. Thanks, it thought that was called a waiter or waitress, oh well I guess I’m just getting ole.

      3. Kerry fits in well with the Boden Bunch…Anti-America and Deep State…wake up America and crush these roaches!!

      4. I agree with everything except his bein a disgrace to the Marxist democrat party. He is typical of todays democrat party. He is certainly a disgrace to America and a traitor to the American people.

    2. not to mention while out of office under the trump admin. he dilly dollied in iran a nd for what? isnt there a law against this stuff? or are the rep/s sitting on there hands once again

      1. +Kerry committed the crime that Flynn was convicted of. That is the essence of Democrat justice for you.

    3. Kerry should have been court martialed and executed after his secret Paris meeting with the Vietcong, in 1972, but no, he was allowed to continue with his treasonous lies, to Congress later on, when he accused our US military of being rapists and baby killers, while they served in Vietnam. What our military did in Nam, was nothing short of heroics and sacrifice, trying to help that small republic save itself from the hoards of invading communists decending from the north – – that wretched war went on and on, from 1961 to 1975. We lost so much blood and treasure there; in the end the southern republic was overwhelmed and lost to the red invasion; pretty much because Gerry Ford was a wimp and refused to continue with US support there. If you want to know the true history, of the Vietnam War, read Richard Botkins “Ride the Thunder”. He was a military officer, who served there and is well qualified to tell the story. The book is a long read, some 600 pages, that includes personal interviews with US and Vietnam military veterans and their families, along with tons of footnotes and references- – a “true story”! What swift boat kerry has done, time and time again, amounts to TREASON and fraud and qualifies him for that military tribunal and firing squad I mentioned earlier and I PRAY he GETS IT! As soon as we can get rid of Beijing biden/harris regime, Kerry needs to be CUT OFF from any security intelligence briefings (sooner if possible) and served SWIFT JUSTICE!

    4. Kerry needs to be held accountable! We have US military men and women in the ME, in harms way, serving OUR nation. It is wrong to send our military into areas like the ME and undermine our nation by colluding with enemies of the US. The Obama admin/Kerry sent $1.5 billion to Iran – the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and Hezbollah ( funding terrorism! ).

  2. Kerry should be in jail! Treason at the highest level. Loose lips sink ships! Oh, he has a D by his name. Nothing to see here, move along….I’m so tired of these Democrat law breakers getting away with everything.

  3. Kerry is a total JERK! “Do you know who I am” is a quote after he cut in line in Boston Theater.

    1. Some one should have told Kerry, yes I know who our, you are a liberal trying to buck the line; get in back of the line!

  4. John Kerry shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House or advising them on anything. Period! What he did is a treasonous act.
    But, I’m sure no punishment is coming anytime soon.

  5. And, what will happen to Kerry? The same that happened to Hillary! They can lie, cheat, steal and sell out our country and get away with it👿

    1. They will not escape what God has waiting for them, and others just like them. They think they all are going to be safe, but it is only temporary and retribution Big Time is waiting for them, when they leave this world!!! Just because we are not seeing this now does not mean it won’t happen! I believe this 100%!

  6. Kerry is a traitor to our nation and to Israel. This has been well known for many years among those that would be in-the-know in his circles. Part of the criminal cabal. his job is to create division and strife among those nations slated to be among the first to be attacked and anihilated causing WW3. He was reportedly seriouslly injured and perhaps killed years ago in a ‘bicycle accident’. His leg was shown in a cast, propped upon a chair, so it is likely this Kerry is a cloned replacement – the common practice among the nations. Kerry has never – according to public knowledge – accomplished anything to resolve issues or to bless the nations. His job quite simply is to be a ‘trouble maker.’

    1. Me too. He looks like a cadaver that’s been unearthed. To bad that hockey puck didn’t do him in, even though it rearranged his ugly face somewhat.

    2. What else do you expect from the biggest creep of all, right along with Hilliary Clinton, Joe Biden, Chameleon Harris, Upchuck Scummer, Adam Sifty, Jeroldeen Nadlerine, Nasty Pilousee , etc,etc,etc,!

  7. John Kerry is a pompous ass. He is so full of himself it is sickening. His actions were treasonist and he should face some consequences. But we all know that Democrat politicians NEVER face any consequences for their illegal actions.

  8. With traitors like Kerry America doesn’t need any more enemies. This fool has a record as long as an arm of constantly playing the fool. Is he really a fool or an enemy of our democracy. His whole career in government has been a record of one stupid act after another. Now he has become dangerous to the Republic.

  9. We have a friend who dated him years ago before he was a senator. As soon as he found out she was Jewish he pulled the car over and told her to get out.
    He is a major anti- Semite – so none of this surprises me.

  10. I was PHYSICALLY present and witnessed firsthand the cowardice and anti-American reality of swamp slime, slithering reptile John Forbes Kerry in Vietnam’s Cua Lon River between Nha Trang and Pleiku in the Central Highlands on February 20, 1969. It was a joint Australian Task Force,. American Army, ( elements of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and U.S. Navy Swiftboats, four of them in the river to provide cover fire in the event of ambush. THE MISSION ITSELF WAS A SEARCH AND DESTROY- WEAPONS INTERDICTION MISSION. PCF-94 was commanded by John Kerry at the time and, when the suspected ambush took place he ran off upriver and was not seen until AFTER the firefight had ended. At the time, I did NOT know Kerry was the Commander of that boat However, this incident and all of his military career were revealed in the book “Unfit for Commnad,” by Dr. Jerome Corsi and Kerry’s replacement as Commander of PCF-94, John E.O’Neille. I am a Massachusetts native and had to suffer the idiocy and indignity of having this creatire as my Junior Senator for a long time only to see him become first Secretary of State after Clinton and watching him broker the insidious Iran Nuke Deal; then trying to deride Trump’s departure from it when he had no official responsibility and NO AUTHORITY TO COMMIT SUCH AN ACT MOST WOULD CONSIDER AN ACT OF HIGH TREASON! In “Unfit for Command, ” there are photos of Kerry being awarded thanks and appreciation as a “HERO OF THE NORTH VIETNAMESE PEOPLE,” along with another infamous leftist treasonous troll, Jane Fonda by Do Muoi, Secretary -General of the Communist Party of North Vietnam! WHY IS THIS #$%&*@! still IN RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT WHEN HE BELONGS IN PRISON OR WORSE! Our Justice System is completely Corrupt at all levels, FROM THE LOWEST OF CIVILIAN COURTS TO THE DOJ AND SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT WITH A DUAL STANDARD AND NO REAL EQUITABILITY. KERRY IS BUT ONE PROOF OF THAT CONTENTION AND DIANNE FEINSTEIN , HER PLA CHINESE SPY CHAUFFEUR FOR 30 YEARS, AND HER INVESTIGATION FOR “INSIDER TRADING,” A CRIME FOR YOU OR ME, CONFIRMS IT , AGAIN!

    1. Wrong location stated for this action. Cua Lon River is located in IV Corp (Southern most) area of Viet Nam and NOT Nha Trang to Pleiku ( II Corp ). All units mentioned were from the 3 & $ Corp area……

      1. So are you saying that the story is wrong?? I think that with the years we are all entitled to forget some things. Perhaps you are wrong???

    2. Our government is corrupt from top to bottom—they say our regular guys in FBI are great I do not think so–have you heard one of them say one word about our corrupt election –they are all in it together.

  11. so who and when in the rep. party?are bringing this story to the front stage? so let the truth be known and a price to pay if kerry did what is being spoken. wake up rep. party for a change

  12. Are republican’s up in arms and taking action, it’s always hard to tell when they aren’t sitting on their hands with their eyes closed?

  13. As usual ,NOTHING will be done. Like Hillary he’ll just roll on & it will all be buried. “IF” the guy ever dies, I’ll bet he’ll be laid out in the Rotunda. UGH!

  14. Kerry has been a traitor all of his life. It’s just to bad he won’t finally face justice until he is 80. He got to enjoy his life and the HEINZ fortune all these years. A lot of REAL Vietnam Vets are/were not so fortunate.

  15. There is only one solution for scum like Kerry. Everyone knows of which I speak. After all if Kerry is the climate czar why would he be speaking to the Iranian foreign minister about Israeli operations. Doesn’t seem like that has much to do with climate change, now does it?

  16. Treason and Kerry are sun ominous!!! Both during Viet Nam War and during Iran-Syrian Conflict. He is a hideous spy for our enemies!!!

  17. Now you know why the democ=rat FBI pulled a raid on Mayor Rudy, to distract the people attention away from the traitor Kerry, they always do something like this when one of them get their tit caught in a wringer.

  18. Kerry is a psychopath! This type of personality disorder never engages in self-reflection. Most people of sound mind perform a ‘post mortem’ on actions and results. Psychopathic narcissists never question their motives or outcomes because they can never be wrong! Kerry and Obama are classic psychopaths! These types live in a world where “I’m right, you’re wrong.’ End of discussion!!!

  19. Hang em high! Kerry is a traitor and deserves to be in jail! He has been a traitor since Vietnam. He has utterly no morals and no loyalty to anything but his own gain! I am sick of seeing these slimes get away with literally TREASON. Giving away state secrets to TERRORIST!

    1. Kerry, the hero of N Vietnam . Time has come to put this American hating scum to be jailed or banished to live in Iran with his wife and the Mullas. I don’t know who he would prefer. Better yet let’s close the demoncratic eyes and let the Mossad handle him.

  20. Kerry should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He is a traitorous disgrace to this country. And as soon as he is prosecuted the Biden impeachment should begin.

  21. I understand Iran has some prisoners they would be willing to trade for a few more billion of our money. I say trade Kerry for those prisoners and the U.S. wins both ways.


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